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Can you see me yet? April 8, 2010

Posted by buzzwordz in Brent Ruder, Castle Bar & Grill, Denver, CO.

Second week hosting at The Castle. Started out with another technical difficulty, but after a reboot, we were on our way. It’s amazing that I can handle my remote control at home blindfolded, but “RCA cable into slot C” gets me every time.

Special shout out to The Royal Bitches after winning the night and two out of the three rounds despite playing short handed. Well, not exactly short handed. More like short Birthed. Congratulations for the new RB member. Looking forward to seeing the new team member once you become old enough to drink.

Welcome “Booty Call.” Your enthusiastic play was rubbing off on other teams. You pulled out the second round and pushed the Royal Bitches to the end. Make sure you return to challenge the leaders.

My new favorite team name, “ Dead Hooker Storage, ” placed pretty well for your first time out. Hope to see you next Wednesday.

Carona and Squire; you guys defined the term Short-Handed. Make sure you get more of your team to help out.

We will see you next Wednesday at 8:00.

better luck next week



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