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Benchwarmers and basketball April 2, 2010

Posted by buzzwordz in Benchwarmers-Erie, Buzzwordz Trivia, Erie, CO, Lauren Back.

Now that March Madness is through taking up the TV’s at Benchwarmers, we’re back! I’m excited for our newest Colorado location–although the bar/restaurant itself is pretty new, there’s a crowd of eager players every time I’ve been there! Last night 1st and 2nd overall went to teams that already knew the Buzzwordz game well…congrats Al Bundy’s and Big O’s!

The Big O's joined in late but had a super solid third round and earned the $15 second place gift certificate!

The Al Bundy's (guy's name on the left is actually Al Bundy) came in first overall, winning a $20 gift certificate!

'One Moment Please'--I'm gonna either love or hate this team because I have to say those words 100+ times a day. But very nice gentlemen, pictured here with one of the lovely Benchwarmer ladies.

Team Hilltop stayed long after their bill was paid to win Round 1. I'm pretty sure their child is some sort of prodigy and got the Grab Bag question about chess terminology.

D+C--very nice men who kept me company in my little corner.

G&M came in close second in round 1--hope to see you next time!



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