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Sports Column – Shots! April 1, 2010

Posted by buzzwordz in Buzzwordz Trivia, Denver, CO, Sports Column, Tobin Hays.

When you finish off a night of trivia, there’s nothing that goes down better than a ton of Jager shots.

It was a roller-coaster ride of scoring, and the second round got me a couple of friendly (I hope) boos from some of our trivia faithful. But I’m a big boy. I only teared up a little bit.

Yes, there actually is an X-Man named Maggot, which at first made me really doubt the creativity of comic book writers. But I read this description and it changed my mind:

“Digestive system replaced by a hollow cavity that houses a pair of semi-sentient slugs called Eany and Meany who bore their way out of his torso and then use powerful enzymes to chew and digest any solid object in their path, transmitting food energy back to their host to supercharge his physical strength, stamina, and sturdiness while turning his skin blue, but the slugs must reenter through his belly and release their storage internally to feed his body properly.”

What? No Miny and Mo? What a ripoff.

But anyway…The Kentucky Mudflaps had a grand ol’ time as they dominated the night of trivia. They did not like being reminded that they scored more in the first round than the second, but facts is facts. They did not let my teasing deter them from cruising to a big victory, making up for last week’s second place finish!

The Rock & Roll Gangsters had an awesomely strong third round to take second place…these guys are on a roll!

Team Trebek gave a valliant effort, and still won a free round of drinks courtesy of the awesome Sports Column staff! They promised to be back next week with a couple of ringers, so we’re looking forward to it!

D&R also put in their as a twosome, and very nearly placed for the night…nice job fellas!

The Mammoth Penguins cruised on in at the start of the third round…taking their name directly from our little factoids during the break. A strong round for your first night of trivia…great job.

The Gubnas and The Creeps couldn’t stick around all night, but it was great to have them anyway.

We’ll see all of you guys next week (I promise no technical delays…fingers crossed), and don’t forget the Sports Column for Opening Day…Wooooohooooo!!!!!!!



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