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Benchwarmers, Bears, Boyz, Badoilets… April 30, 2010

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I love the team bonding that went down last night at Benchwarmers in Erie.  As teams yelled at each other from opposite ends of the bar, it seemed as if the ‘Go BEARS’ and the Bidoilets (short for biday+toilet, duh) were going to butt heads, but then kissed and made up. And by kissed and made up I mean the Bidoilets bought the Bears a lovely mystery shot to show their love.

Congrats to team Flummoxed, for winning round 1 and second place. And yay for the Bidoilets for taking rounds 2 and the overall prize!

The Boyz defending their corner

The Boyz defending their corner

One Moment Please...I'm going to start calling you OMP for short because I say that phrase no less than 200x per day. Very impressed with your pop music expertise!

The Monkeys performed awesomely throughout the night and made new friends with Flummoxed.

Go BEARS! came in third overall. Thanks for spreadin' the trivia love throughout the bar!

The Badoilets (that's a combo of bidet and toilet in case you weren't sure)won rounds 2 overall, congrats on your $25 gc to Benchwarmers! And happy birthday to Mr. Badoilet on the left.

Flummoxed--a pro trivia team--was generous to share their round of shots with the Monkeys after winning round 1.

No Trivia Tonight @ Big Shots in Bedford April 29, 2010

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Buzzwordz Trivia has been cancelled tonight at Big Shots Sports Cafe in Bedford due to the Mavs/Spurs playoff game. We apologize for the inconvenience. However, Buzzwordz Trivia will resume our normal schedule next Thursday at Big Shots at 7PM.

Be sure to keep checking the Buzzwordz_DFW fan page, our twitter page, or the Buzzwordz blog for any other cancellations due to the NBA playoffs.

No Trivia This Week @ II Brothers April 26, 2010

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Instead of showing up to play some trivia Tuesday night at II Brothers in Plano, show up to watch the Mavs defend their home court vs. the Spurs. We’ll resume our regularly scheduled programming….err trivia next Tuesday at 8PM.

Show up wearing your team colors, and cheer on your Dallas Mavericks as they take back the series from the Spurs.

OC Superior: Donald Rumsfeld vs. Howard Stern April 24, 2010

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And the winner is . . . Howard Stern! Friday night at OC Superior and NOBODY knew the Donald Rumsfeld question, but EVERYONE got the Howard Stern one correct. Hhhmm.

The big winner for the night was Ejaculate Conception – posing here with their server and their $25 winnings.

Second place for the night was Z-Day (The Day the Zombies Attack)

Benchwarmers and Draft Picks April 23, 2010

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This week at Benchwarmers in Erie the energy was high as the draft picks began and Buzzwordz trivia players battled it out. Congrats to team B&M (how did I miss you guys for a photo!?) for picking up speed in the last round and coming in first overall! $25 gift certificate to Benchwarmers, nice job!

We’re just here for the draft proved that they could multitask and win round 1 of trivia, while getting very heated about the draft picks at the same time.  The Jerks came in close second in round 5, won round 2, and just barely missed 1st place overall. This team already has a special place in my heart because of their lively outbursts after the answer to each question is revealed.

The Jerks--family team. Gotta love the loud and proud enthusiasm!

Team Zack--so silly with the bunny ears!

Hey hey we're The Monkeys...new to the game , but second place in round 2!

We're Just Here For the Draft--yeah right! these guys put up a pretty good fight. Here they're tossing back the Kamikazee shots they got for winning round 1.

The onlything more exciting than a Game 7 Overtime in the NHL is….. April 22, 2010

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….. the final Buzzword Trivia question deciding the winner at the Castle Bar in Littleton.

Ok. Maybe a game 7 between the Avs and the Detroit Deadthings might be a little more exciting. But, we had a fantastic finish that was not decided until the last question was asked. I don’t want to give away the answer in case it is used again. However, I will give you a clue. Make sure you know your Simpsons’ characters.

Congratulations to ‘Volume to Buzz Ratio.’ You guys just edged out ‘Densa.’ Not sure the meaning of the name, but for the first time out, you performed well. Boston Baked Bean receives my vote for most interesting name of the week. That has more to do with my New England upbringing, than the side effects of Beans I’m happy to say.  ‘Team Green’ had a difficult night. Considering that they were also playing Texas Hold ’em  at the same time, their ability to Multitask should get extra credit. Not sure what his chip count looked like. Plus they had some guys playing on the Golf game over their left shoulder. That’s some pretty impressive concentration.

A quick note to J& S Getting married. First, good luck on your wedding day this Saturday. Buzzwordz and The Castle wish you the best. Just do me a favor ( And it’s not a request to name your first born after me) I know the Hamburgers at the Castle are the Best on Broadway. Please, use a napkin before you write down your answers and hand them into me. Grease/cheese/ and other delicious additives to the burger are not appreciated on the answer sheets.

I am beginning to wonder who the teams really are. It appears that most of the teams are very camera shy. Are most of you in the Witness Protection Program? I pull out to shoot some stills, and you all run away. We need to celebrate and document  the glory that is Victory at The Castle.

Until next week.


The Castle in Littleton April 19, 2010

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We had some new teams that wanted to try their skills against the Grizzled veterans this week. ‘‘Tiger Likes the 19th Hole’‘ came out strong for their first time out winning each round and capturing the overall victory.  Of course, the lack of the “Royal Bitches” out on Maternity Leave, made it a little easier for the newbies this week. Good to see “Booty Call” come back and place another strong finish. “Team Green” made it back after not being around last week.  Welcome Menundo, you had a strong showing in the first round. Those multiple questions in the 2nd and third rounds got the best of you.  Remember, that’s it’s a Marathon, not a Sprint.

When you come down to The Castle, make sure you check out the nightly drink specials and the Texas Hold ’em Poker nights. They have the best Burgers on Broadway. Overall, a fun place to spend a night at.

Thanks for the ride. We  will see you Wednesday night starting at 8:00 at the Castle bar and Grill. Just north of Arapahoe and Broadway in Littleton.


Benchwarmers rivalry! April 16, 2010

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We’re just three weeks into our trivia at Benchwarmers in Erie, but I’m sensing some early rivalry going on….love it! Now at Buzzwordz we certainly don’t allow the use of cellphone internet/phoning a friend/etc. But in the heat of the moment, we must remember that some teams are just real smart and can answer the majority of the questions without cheating!

In the end, the Chiliheads came out on top, winning the $25 gift certificate. That’s a lot of beers! Al Bundy came in second overall, but it was the Packed Vikes who dominated in rounds one and two, which means they enjoyed TWO rounds of Kamikaze shots…yummy…so glad today is Friday!

Team Bohica, a friendly bunch with some blindingly bright t-shirts, came in third in round 3.

ZBlount put in some great effort--tied for second in round 2.

The Chiliheads played steady until their big win in the finish--second in rounds 1 and 2, first in round 3.

Al Bundy and crew came in second overall, winning a $15 gift certificate to Benchwarmers. See you guys next time!

Old C’s- Broomfield…izzle April 12, 2010

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Saturday night was a full house and once again we had great competition and lots of laughs.

Round 1 started with an amazing 14 teams with a close run at first between Dark Side, Raging A’s, and Fat Sugar Nibs who took the round win.

Round 2 proved a little more difficult and allowed some other teams to really gain some ground.  Double D’s and Yes That both gained good ground but it was Mad Chuck Norris Skills that came out on top.

Finally it came down to round 3 and with many of the teams in very close overall standings it was a battle to the DEATH… I mean finish… battle to the finish…  The Acme Quiz Co, Future Court Reporters, and Happy Endings all tried to take first out from under Yes That and Double D’s but it was Mad Chuck Norris Skills that finished round 3 on top and also round house kicked their way into first overall as well leaving Yes That in second.

Thank you all for coming out! Have a great week and I”ll see you all next week, same bat time, same bat place.

Mad Chuck Norris Skills


Yes That

Future Court Reporters

Double D's

Dark Side

Fat Sugar Nibs


OC Superior April 10, 2010

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It was my second night hosting at Old Chicago Superior and it went off aaallmoost without a hitch.  This is a great late night crowd with a few heated rivals, but this week the winner was clear:

Ejaculate & Evacuate took home the prize with a strong score of 45.  They know their Ashton Tweets & Greek History.

Dunkin’ Monkey came in second, got a $10 gift card, and this fuzzy picture with Mike the Bartender.  You’re welcome.

Fighting Goldfish continued their animal-themed names, fought hard and downed many pints.

Nice to Meet Me had to sneak out early but I stole their pic from last week as Trivius Maxiumus.

Ferngully had a great third round, tying with Turd Ferguson.

Dash Rip-Rock dominated with all things Celine Dion related.

Dirty Mini came in third place and they really, really wanted their picture taken.

Knuckle Dragging Jarheads were a late addition but jumped  right in and stuck it out to the end.  Thanks guys!

Shout out to all the teams who snuck out without getting their pictures taken and thanks to Las Chicas Locas & The Oneders for all the creative answers.

Don’t forget this Wednesday, April 14th @ 6PM is a special trivia night for the Cinco de Mayo tour kick-off party.  See you there!