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Last night I was super excited to kick off our newest location, Benchwarmers, in Erie–what an awesome place! We’re going to have some really great prizes and gift certificates to give away, so be sure to check it out! And it’s an early start–6:30–which means you can catch the end of 4-7 happy hour!

We started off strong with some impressive¬† scores –the 3 amigos snagged round 1 and enjoyed their round of shots, while M&M won rounds 2 and 3. They also won the $25 overall gift certificate! Team Jerk, fascinated with the concept of trivia in a bar, came in second overall and agreed to come back to use their $15 gift certificate.

Can’t wait until week 2 at our new location!

Congrats to M&M for winning the FIRST EVER game of trivia at Benchwarmers!

team Jerk came in second overall, scoring a $15 Benchwarmers gift certificate! See you guys next week!


Michigan State Wins in Out of Conference March 12, 2010

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Well, we had a limited involvement Wednesday night at City Pub. It was great to see new  team Michigan State come through and pull out a well-deserved victory. Team Jean Claude Van Diagram took second, while B-Side took third.

Apparently the post Winter Olympic pre-March Madness led us to a small dip in numbers of players, but take heart trivia faithful. We will return next week for more brain teasers and cheap martinis!

Old Chicago Broomfield March 6, 2010

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My two-day tour of subbing for Taylor continues as I took over Broomfield for a game of trivia!

I met a lot of awesome new people, and I hope you guys had fun with your sub, maybe enough to come check me out regularly at Old C’s Thornton on Tuesdays!

First round went to Bologna Salad, who tied with a perfect score with Barbie Never Gets Pregnant Because Ken Comes In Another Box. Awesome team names all around tonight.

Second round went to Hellacious Whiz, with Castration Station nipping their heels.

Final round went to I Miss Curling, who pulled off an amazing round to tie for the final prize!

After a tie break, the final standings were:

1st – Hellacious Whiz
2nd- I Miss Curling
Bronze Medal – Bologna Salad

Good team names included: IPAs, Buffalo Theory, and License to Chill

Old Chicago Superior March 5, 2010

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Ricoh here. My fourth day of hosting in a row, but I love these guys too much to not party with the crew at Superior!

First round went to You Wanna Put What In My VCR?, who were named after the snafu endured after they took my only input to the system away!!

Second round went to Touch My Monkey, who continues his dominance by winning at least one round every week.

Final round went to Touch My Monkey, with Banana Bungalow right behind.

1st place – Touch My Monkey
2nd Place – You Wanna Put What In My VCR
Bronze Medal – Feeny, Fee-hee-heeny!

Old Chicago Thornton (Grant) March 4, 2010

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Hey guys, it’s Ricoh, and I had the honor of subbing for Taylor at Old C’s Thornton (Grant St) this week, and I was pleasantly suprised at how awesome you guys are! I would gladly sub for this crowd again!!

The first round went to Beer Me! who won a three-way tie vs Human Beings and I’m Buzzed.

The Second round went to I’m Buzzed outright, who beat out Beer Bellies and Google.com (who were just a few points behind).

The final round went to Two Rules, who despite their love for Pittsburgh are awesome guys :).

Overall, our winners were:

1st Place – I’m Buzzed
2nd Place – Beer Me
Bronze medal – Human Beings

Have a great week guys!