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Weird Experience and Awesome Response Tonight at Two Brothers in Plano!!!! January 26, 2010

Posted by buzzwordz in Buzzwordz Trivia, Plano, TX, Tim Ball, Two Brother's Bar & Grill.

Of course, it was another great night at 2 brothers.  Big up for Team Death Row taking the 1st, 2nd and 3rd round tonight.  Weird thing happened tonight.  I thought a team was trying to cheat me tonight.  I thought they were taking me for a sucker.  I kept getting 2 answers for the same question from what I thought was the same team, which was Team Short Bus.  Once I noticed, I got on the Mic and called them out.  They seemed confused.  It turns out that there were two different teams with the exact same name: Short Bus.  Pretty crazy huh? I don’t know if that has ever happened.  Anyways, we figured it out.  They were told apart by a couple of tweaks.  Short Bus 1 and The Short Bus.  So it was all good.

Pretty funny response tonight as well.  The question was, “In the lame & fascist game Trivial Pursuit, original version, what categories were represented by the following colors?: blue, yellow, brown”  Well, I think this person misunderstood the word fascist and took it for racist because her response was, “Blue: Avatars, Yellow: Asians, Brown: Mexicans”  The crowd bursted out laughing.  It is all good though.  The girl that gave me that response was a Mexican so it’s not racist 😉  Anyways, thats that.  I will see you guys next week.



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