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New Champs at City Pub December 18, 2009

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Team Bud Ease was lucky to win Wednesday night at City Pub after a ferocious onslaught. Every round ended in a tie-breaker, so you know it down to the wire. It was great to see a new champ and a bunch of new faces on Wednesday night.

It was really anyone’s game up to the third round. Dangling Participles won the first round on a tie-breaker. Samson’s Keepers won round 2 in a similar fashion. Round 3 is the time to get hot and Bud Ease definitely did so, coming out of nowhere to raise the trivia cup. Wario, Spanglers, Gobersteins, better luck next time!


Lauren takes the Castle December 17, 2009

Posted by buzzwordz in Buzzwordz Trivia, Castle Bar & Grill, Lauren Back, Littleton, CO.
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It was great to be back in the trivia mix last night at Castle Bar in Littleton. Such a friendly bunch! We had several teams join in—the Desperate Housewives, Hachiman’s Heroes, and Phil’s Team bounced between trivia and poker, while Team Buzz, the Muff Divers (great Halloween costume, btw), and the Out of Towners stuck it out all the way through. In the end, Team Buzz triumphed, winning a $20 gift certificate to Castle Bar.

The Out of Towners came in close second. I think their greatest downfall was guessing that Jaegermeister was created in the 1700’s. That’s about two centuries off. Sadly, it cost them the tiebreaker of the second round. But great job overall!

The Muff Divers won round two in a tiebreaker, and came in third overall. Excellent work.

Congrats on first place overall Team Buzz! You look overcome with glee at the fact that you will be receiving a $20 gift certificate to the Castle.

CBM Blows Away Competition in 3rd Round Surge December 16, 2009

Posted by buzzwordz in Buzzwordz Trivia, Matt Truta, Old Chicago-Thornton 120th, Thornton, CO.
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I had a great time substituting last night at the Old Chicago in Thornton. The crowd was multi-generational,enthusiastic and vociferous! I could tell there was a history of rivalries, but great spirit was shown by all. We had 10 teams competing for the brass ring, or a $30 tab at the bar. 2nd and 3rd place were also awarded with generous and substantial prizes.

Round One saw the Irish Banditos edge out Phred in a close to perfect round by both of these mental heavyweights. Phred came back with the Round 2 complimentary pitcher. CBM had been hanging around all night, but in the third round they really kicked in the afterburners. The Irish Banditos drew with CBM in the end . CBM barely bested their competition with a Hulk Hogan tie-breaker proving the difference. Phred came in 3rd.The rest of the teams in descending point value were:Suck it Trebek, Cheating Cheaters, Pouncing Pumas, Brew N Dew, Beat Dat Team, Leroy Jenkins, and Barick.

Thanks for having me OC, you guys were a lot of fun!


Oh these wild and crazy nights! December 12, 2009

Posted by buzzwordz in Buzzwordz Trivia, Old Chicago-Thornton 120th, Ricoh Wheeler, Thornton, CO.
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We had a GREAT time in Thornton this week for trivia!  I had some of the best style point answers ever this week, some of which made me literally LOL.

Round 1 had lots of competetors and it was super close! Beer Me! won the free bucket of beer heading off Handicappers who were just behind them.

Round 2 went to Handicappers who overtook Slackers, Beer Me!, and Leroy the Raptors. Also putting up quite a fight was Slackers and Human Beeings.

Super competative spirits came out in round 3 and ended up in a three way tie between Snicker in the Pooper, Handicappers and Leroy the RaptorsLeroy the Raptors won the tie breaker and ended up coming in second place overall!  Handicappers came in first place after a great night!!

Have a great week, see you next time, same bat time, same bat place!

Leroy the Raptor (who changed thier name to Baby Shakers!) came in second placE1

Slackers weren't slacking... but his parter that didn't show up was!

Handicappers adopted I'm Buzzed and won the night! Will this become a new team?!

Human Beeings put up a fight!

Beer Me won the night's first bucket of the night!

This was the closest thing to a "team picture" I could get of Snickers in the Pooper! At least they are having fun!!

The cold keeps them in! December 12, 2009

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One of the coldest nights yet must have scared our players away!

Free Beer came in just in time for the beginning of the game and took round one and a round of… what else… free beers!

Wrong Answer didn’t get many wrong answers and swept round 2 AND 3!

Everyone put up a fight but in the end, after winning two rounds Wrong Answer won the game!!

See you all next week, same bat time, same bat place!!

Free Beer! won some Free Beer!

Wrong Answer (photo shy!) cleaned up with prizes!

BH (sometimes HB) came in and played a great game!

Epsilon only played round 1 but they were a lot of fun!

1/2 Alligator Shark 1/2 Man Devour All December 3, 2009

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It was a frigid night last evening, but it didn’t keep out the trivia faithful from an incendiary game! It was all 1/2 Alligator Shark- 1/2 Man as they demolished the competition. After we got our technical issues resolved we had a total of five teams sweating out the answers.

Perennial contenders Samson’s Keepers were missing a couple of integral members and fell to 2nd. Frogballs, fell to third while they were playing pool. Super-colo-coor-icans made it to 4th, while Ramrod scraped the barrel.

Please check us out for $3 martinis next Wednesday. Try finding a more affordable drink in SE Denver.

Welcome to December! December 2, 2009

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The first night of December brought some pretty cold weather, but inside the Exchange Tavern between the yummy beer and the fireplace we all kept warm.

Fighting Aardvarks shot through round 1 for the win with an awesome 8.5 points!

Round 2 winners Walker, Texas Ranger beat out the house team, Exchange Rocks (or Rox depending on who was writing!) by just a half of a point!

Flying Squirrels really “flew” in the last round and beat everyone with 22.5 points for the round! After this great round they ended up on top overall for the night as well!! Congrats!

Thanks for coming out everyone! I’ll see you all next week, same bat time, same bat place.

Fighting Aardvarks took first place in round 1!

Team "Me" joined in for the last round

Flying Squirrels minus one member... though her beer is representing for her!

Which one is actually... Walker, Texas Ranger?

Was Dave's neck not on the Exchange Tavern team??