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Beyond 100 November 21, 2009

Posted by buzzwordz in Buzzwordz Trivia, Denver, CO.

Last week was the 100th blog for Charlie’s trivia.  Not the 100th night, or the 100th blog from me, but either way, we’re past that now.  So I googled “Charlie’s denver trivia” and it brought up an amusing night of the Denver Cruisers being at Charlie’s while we played trivia.  There also happened to be a photo of myself holding up cupcakes.  That reminds me- maybe we should have some treats next week.

Rambling as I do, we played some trivia.  We drank some beer.  Maybe even did some shots- ok,  I did one.

This game was a little intense.  And you guys are getting some really high scores lately! (another side note, sorry).  We had a birthday and some folks sang, since I didn’t have a track to play for you.

a trophy lookin pitcher o' beer

Evil Dr. Scientist (singular this week) won all three rounds and took home the grand prize. He had to fight for the first pitcher, but won the tie breaker.





they're on the front of the Westword this week?!

They meowed, but weren’t able to beat the vet (get it, dr) out of his prizes.   Alleycat took home second place.  One of their main players will be out of town next week, but hopefully when the cat’s away, the mice will play.



take three. you know how difficult it is to have everyone like their picture? Not so sure about Mark's face here

Third place went to a hodge podge group.  They are usually on different teams, and have never played all together. I’m So Awesome turned out to really be awesome.  Funny thing though, the guy who started the group went home.  (when you go home early, I’m pretty sure you aren’t entitled to any prizes.)  Maybe next time!


Other folks that played and didn’t win:

pre Greg

Phyllis, Charles, and Greg is back!!!  Welcome back guys, it was terrific to see you back in action.




birthday celebrations

They were celebrating a birthday- drinking and dancing, not so much answering.  House of Star celebrated Roxy’s b-day this week.  It was really monday, but I’m all for “birthday week” or even “birthday month.”


Well hey everyone, thanks for coming out and playing!  Next week proves to be an exciting game, since hardly anybody works the next day.

See you then! ❤ Marci




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