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It’s time for Exchange!! November 11, 2009

Posted by buzzwordz in Buzzwordz Trivia, Exchange Tavern, Taylor Goodwin, Westminster, CO.

Last night was our first night at Exchange Tavern and I think I can speak for everyone when I say that it was a blast!!  We had a great crowd who were there for the title.

Our first round kept everyone close but it was What Do You Think? who took the first of the free beers of the night! Just behind them was Exchange Tavern (all the staff!) and FREE BEER! (I wonder what they wanted to win??)

In round 2 everyone put on their super duper thinking hats and thus it ended in a three way tie between What Do You Think?, FREE BEER, and Lemurs. It was close but Lemurs guessed closest on the tie break question and won a free round of beer!

It all came down to round 3.  Rotorheads definitely put up a good fight by turning in as many style point answers as possible.  Not to be out done, Presitge Worldwide went all in and nailed their doubled up question.  At the end of the round though, it was FREE BEER! sitting on top after getting 22 points for the round!  Hang Down and Whispering Eye were close behind.

In first place overall (and winning a free $10 gift certificate!) was FREE BEER! with What Do You Think nipping at their heels in second.  The house team, Exchange Tavern came in third… and rumor has it that they will be playing for top spot every week!! Come out and see if you can beat the house! (Hey, it’s better odds than Vegas and you don’t have to go far!)

Thank you to everyone who came out, I hope you had a great time, I know I did!! I’ll see you all next week same bat time, same bat place!

FREE BEER! had their eyes on the prize and came out on top!



Prestige Worldwide were fierce competitors all night!



Rotorheads didn't want their picture taken, so we settled on taking pictures of their beers instead! Way to represent!



Lemurs won round two and some free pints! Yay!

What Do You Think? ... I think you guys did awesome!

The Exchange Tavern house team! (note to self, it's a kilt... not a skirt)





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