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Not a chance in… What? November 9, 2009

Posted by buzzwordz in Buzzwordz Trivia, Old Chicago-Thornton/Grant, Taylor Goodwin, Thornton, CO.

This week at Old C’s was awesome.  We had some awesome new teams to mix with our vets.

No Chance understood right off the bat how important style point answers were and ended up in first place at the end of round 1 beating out I’m Buzzed, The Team Formally Known as Whatever the Answer is, and Hoffmaniskis who were all close behind.

Round 2 ended in a tie between I’m Buzzed and RR&A.  RR&A won the tie breaker question and a $10 gift certificate.  So here is where we usually have a bonus beer question… well they didn’t like the one I came up with off the top of my head so after taking all the team pictures durring the break I got a new one and the beer goes to… No Chance! Who, obviously, had an awesome chance!

In Round 3 we lost a few teams so the competition heated up between the teams left.  I’m Buzzed made a vallient effort but was thwarted, once again, by No Chance who were begging not to win more beer!! I told them not to worry, the prize for round 3 was a gift certificate!

Overall it was certainly close!  Even though he didn’t win any of the rounds, I’m Buzzed came in first by just one point!! No Chance took second proving that if you have no expectations, there’s nowhere to go but up! Sadly, Shake It Like A Baby fell just short of placing!

See you all next week! Same bat time, Same bat place!

Just... One... More... Drop!!! Calm down I'm Buzzed... I think they might have more beer somewhere around here!

Beer Me in all their glory!

Beer Me in all their glory!

No Chance... of being SOBER!

Shake it Like a Baby... or a Salt Shaker... or a Poloroid Picture??

The Team Formally Known As Whatever The Answer Is... or as they named themselves later in the night... *

Welcome Backe RR&A!! It's been a long time but you made a darn good return!



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