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Sparklers Edge JCVD in Tie-Breaker November 6, 2009

Posted by buzzwordz in Buzzwordz Trivia, City Pub, Denver, CO, Matt Truta.

After last week’s game was called due to inclement weather we had a great room last night with plenty of ups and downs. It was back and forth, but in the final tie-breaking question old heads Sparklemotion prevailed.

We had young people, old people, people of all colors mixing it up on the proverbial trivia battleground. Jean Claude Van Diagram kicked off round 1 with a bang, so much that I was worried about them running away with it. But wait!  City Pub’s trivia faithful would not go gemtly. In the end it could have gone any number of ways. But it broke down like this:

1st-Sparklemotion 2nd- Jean Claude Van Diagram 3rd-Jennifer 4th-T&R 5th-Blitzkrieg 6th-Broncos.

I would like to point out that this includes all points for dubious answers. For example: When asked where Davy Jones Locker was a team answered “Backstage at the Monkees show”. Although this was not the answer we were looking for,and close to the “3 people that have never been in my kitchen rule” we did accept it.



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