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Happy Thanksgiving Eve! November 27, 2009

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The holidays are about spending it with your friends and family.  I’m happy to stay that I started the holidays off right by spending Thanksgiving Eve with my friends from Charlie’s.  I know you don’t want me to get all cheesy on you. But I really seriously do love you guys!

First place went to some gals (and one guy) who put up one hell of a fight.  Messgiving! went to two tie breakers.  They ended up winning the game by one point.  Congrats ladies (and Mark)!  Thanks for staying the duration of the game.

Second place went to Bryan’s team that was facing off with Mark’s team.  Prostate Cancer and Corm.  Yes, I said corm, and it wasn’t a typo.  Welcome new players!

Third place was Alleycat.  They had two regular players and a newbie.  They won the pitcher from the first round but then lost some ground later.  Hopefully they will be fully staffed next week.

Other teams!

The Evil Dr. Scientists won the pitcher from the second round, but didn’t score any big prizes this week.  Sorry boys.

They didn’t seem to have any physical defects, but The Isle of Misfit Boys was a team named after lowered self worth.  Yeah, sorry about not winning anything.

I’m not sure who buffy is, but Buffy’s Buffs was a new team on the scene.  Sorry I forgot to snap your picture 😦

Phyllis wasn’t doing to well this week.  He and Greg were in a tizzy.  And then he lost his pen.  I think he decided to focus more on the fizzy than the quizzy.

Longhorns was a returning team aka Sweet Potatoes.  They hadn’t read my blog about their name from last week, but hopefully they aren’t too pissed at me.

When we have friends in town, we always bring ’em to Charlie’s.  That was the case with Mex-Irish.  Welcome to Denver, San Fransisco boy.

Rick came in to play a round and did fairly well for starting so late.  I guess he was trying to make an appearance.  Fashionably late doesn’t get  you a door prize in trivia.

I hope everyone had a fabulous turkey day, wherever you spent it.

❤ Marci

Beyond 100 November 21, 2009

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Last week was the 100th blog for Charlie’s trivia.  Not the 100th night, or the 100th blog from me, but either way, we’re past that now.  So I googled “Charlie’s denver trivia” and it brought up an amusing night of the Denver Cruisers being at Charlie’s while we played trivia.  There also happened to be a photo of myself holding up cupcakes.  That reminds me- maybe we should have some treats next week.

Rambling as I do, we played some trivia.  We drank some beer.  Maybe even did some shots- ok,  I did one.

This game was a little intense.  And you guys are getting some really high scores lately! (another side note, sorry).  We had a birthday and some folks sang, since I didn’t have a track to play for you.

a trophy lookin pitcher o' beer

Evil Dr. Scientist (singular this week) won all three rounds and took home the grand prize. He had to fight for the first pitcher, but won the tie breaker.





they're on the front of the Westword this week?!

They meowed, but weren’t able to beat the vet (get it, dr) out of his prizes.   Alleycat took home second place.  One of their main players will be out of town next week, but hopefully when the cat’s away, the mice will play.



take three. you know how difficult it is to have everyone like their picture? Not so sure about Mark's face here

Third place went to a hodge podge group.  They are usually on different teams, and have never played all together. I’m So Awesome turned out to really be awesome.  Funny thing though, the guy who started the group went home.  (when you go home early, I’m pretty sure you aren’t entitled to any prizes.)  Maybe next time!


Other folks that played and didn’t win:

pre Greg

Phyllis, Charles, and Greg is back!!!  Welcome back guys, it was terrific to see you back in action.




birthday celebrations

They were celebrating a birthday- drinking and dancing, not so much answering.  House of Star celebrated Roxy’s b-day this week.  It was really monday, but I’m all for “birthday week” or even “birthday month.”


Well hey everyone, thanks for coming out and playing!  Next week proves to be an exciting game, since hardly anybody works the next day.

See you then! ❤ Marci


For IPod Shuffle, 6th Time’s the Charm! November 20, 2009

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It was great to see a team extremely unlucky in tie-breakers pull off such a commanding victory. Always the bridesmaid, never the bride IPod Shuffle blew the doors off the room in the 2nd round and were able to hold on to a well-deserved victory. 

I was worried at first, but was glad to see so many trivia enthusiasts crawl from the woodwork in time for the kick off.  We had 7 teams in total and from 2nd on down it went as follows: Buffs Are Back, Squelers, Badger, Better Than You, Project X, and Muetra.

Join us next week for $3 martinis all night long!

ET take 2! November 19, 2009

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Week 2 at the Exchange Tavern was a little slow, but I know with everyone getting ready for next week’s holiday people are pretty busy!  But don’t forget to come out for a little pre-turkey trivia on Tuesday night!!

The house team Exchange Tavern took first place in the first round and there was a double tie in the second round between The Black Hole and 28 is Great! The Black Hole won the round and then snuck out before I could even take their picture!

Stick and Rudder were just behind everyone else the whole time, but after nailing their double up question AND the final grab bag question not only did they steal first place in round 3 but they also shot into the lead to win overall for the night!

See you all next time same bat time, same bat place!

Stick and Rudder-- There were 2 people on the team but SOMEONE doesn't like pictures!

28 is Great!! It sure is... but you scored 29 overall so that's even better!

Exchange Tavern house team... yes, your watch is very large!

Charlie’s 100th Blog!! November 13, 2009

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This is the 100th blog posted about trivia at Charlie’s.  Holy crap!  Wow that’s a lot.  So we’ve been doing trivia there for a loooooong time.  I’ve been personally doing it for 1 1/2 years (the longest relationship I’ve had in a really long time, thank you very much).  I want to thank all of the regular players who come out to play, or even if you just come out to regularly see me.  Either way- thank you!  Without players, trivia wouldn’t exist.  And without trivia, well, we’d all be sitting home smoking pot and watching Friends reruns.  Now how much fun does sound?!  Oh- don’t be honest, please.

Alright, enough of my sentimental bullshit.  We played trivia and we had winner.  The end.  Ok ok…Some of the questions were really hard and someone kept requesting a “do-over”- yeah, not happening!  We had usuals and regulars and nobody took their clothes off.  We really need to reinstate that policy.  Hmm.   I need to talk to management.  Really, I’m gonna tell you about the game now  (LOL.  I can’t believe anybody would dare give me the microphone knowing I can ramble like this. In the psychology field, we call it “tangential.”)  Seriously, here we go…..

the kitties with a few visitorsAfter a few weeks of not being super duper awesome, Alleycat won the first and third round, and then took the game.  They came in three points ahead the next team, with a whopping 40 points.  Yes, that’s a lot!  Welcome back to the winners circle!


11-12-09 021

maize and blue?

Second place went to The Evil Dr. Scientist.  It was really Scott all by himself, but we threw in a bystander to make him not look all alone.  This team won the pitcher from the second round.



11-12-09 020

Everyone love Kyle Plate

Wooo newbies!  Third place went to a new team (except for Bryan and Kyle, they’re old players).  Jail Bait should have gone to an 18 and up club, but they decided to play some trivia and win third place.  Awesome job!


We had some others playing this week too:

11-12-09 022

Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday Cindy Lou

Cindy’s Turning 21, I call bullshit on that one.  Good try guys, on the name of the team and the game effort. Thanks for staying the whole game, since you guys tend to peter off somewhere. You kids that need their sleep, I just don’t understand you.  Since we didn’t take Cindy to Hooters, she had her own little hooter fest- girls jumping up and down.  Oh the things I do for my players.  NO, there will not be a repeat showing for those of you slacks that missed it!



look out for his teeth

look out for his teeth

He tends to hang around, but always looks scared to play.  This week he did. Gothic Vampire didn’t get on the score board, but maybe he found someone to bite.


11-12-09 018

Boo Ben!

So it’s been said that the other usual player in this duo was “banned” from the bar.  Hmm. You bad boy!  Zak’s Zombies Without Zak played two rounds and then took off.  So Ben here showed me pictures of his cute little straight son that turned 21 recently.  Hopefully Ben holds true to his word and delivers me a boy 😉


Roy or was it Ray.  Hmm, can’t read my own writing.  It’s ok though, cause he only played one round and the then screamed out some answers and got dirty looks from me.

Evan started his own team tonight due to no space on his usual team.  I’m sorry hun, rules are rules.  You just can’t sit at a table with another team.  That’s like leaving your notes open for the exam- CHEATING!

I would like to say it again, Happy (not) 21st Birthday, Cindy!

See everyone next week!

❤ Marci

Samson’s Keepers Kick in Afterburners at City Pub November 13, 2009

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We had a specific Veteran’s Day trivia set this Wednesday dealing with United States military info. It was great to see some new faces mixing it up with the trivia regulars. Those that are used to playing Buzzwordz Trivia know that the last round counts for all, and so third round phenom Samson’s Keepers.

In our salute to America’s armed servivemen we actually had a few vociferous vets in the house all too keen to share their knowledge with everyone. After the hubbub settled down we had a very fun game that could have seen anyone win. That was untill the third round when local heavies Samson’s Keepers took over. 2nd place went down to a tiebreaker between Taco Fever and 28-10, with 28-10 edging out. If you’re keeping score, that’s 3 weeks in a row  that Taco Fever (playing under a variety of names) have lost a tie-breaker. We had Steve & Sharon and the Sams playing for the first time.

It’s time for Exchange!! November 11, 2009

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Last night was our first night at Exchange Tavern and I think I can speak for everyone when I say that it was a blast!!  We had a great crowd who were there for the title.

Our first round kept everyone close but it was What Do You Think? who took the first of the free beers of the night! Just behind them was Exchange Tavern (all the staff!) and FREE BEER! (I wonder what they wanted to win??)

In round 2 everyone put on their super duper thinking hats and thus it ended in a three way tie between What Do You Think?, FREE BEER, and Lemurs. It was close but Lemurs guessed closest on the tie break question and won a free round of beer!

It all came down to round 3.  Rotorheads definitely put up a good fight by turning in as many style point answers as possible.  Not to be out done, Presitge Worldwide went all in and nailed their doubled up question.  At the end of the round though, it was FREE BEER! sitting on top after getting 22 points for the round!  Hang Down and Whispering Eye were close behind.

In first place overall (and winning a free $10 gift certificate!) was FREE BEER! with What Do You Think nipping at their heels in second.  The house team, Exchange Tavern came in third… and rumor has it that they will be playing for top spot every week!! Come out and see if you can beat the house! (Hey, it’s better odds than Vegas and you don’t have to go far!)

Thank you to everyone who came out, I hope you had a great time, I know I did!! I’ll see you all next week same bat time, same bat place!

FREE BEER! had their eyes on the prize and came out on top!



Prestige Worldwide were fierce competitors all night!



Rotorheads didn't want their picture taken, so we settled on taking pictures of their beers instead! Way to represent!



Lemurs won round two and some free pints! Yay!

What Do You Think? ... I think you guys did awesome!

The Exchange Tavern house team! (note to self, it's a kilt... not a skirt)



Packed House! November 9, 2009

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We were HOPPING at Old C’s on Saturday night!! 14 teams started the night and all but 3 stayed for the whole time!! I’ll make this part short so we can get in all the pictures!

Round 1 was super close… every team was within 3 points of each other!  Straight Outta Midland came in first beating out OMG Pink  Pony Power who was only a half of a point behind.

Round 2 went to Beers for Fears who told me that there were a lot of “old guy” questions!

Finally in Round 3 Beers for Fears came out on top again after a great use of the double up!  This rocketed them into first place over all with Straight Outta Midland coming in just behind them.

Now for pictures!! There were a lot of teams so keep scrolling until you find yours!

Schmoopy's! I screwed that up every time I tried to say it on the mic!

Beers for Fears just wants to rule the world!

Straight outta Midland came in second! Congrats!

Rocky's Horrors rocked it out!

Castration Station... they always get a laugh the first time I annouce their name!

OMG Pink Pony Power! I wonder what the Pink Ponies will do next week!?

David Lee Roth Sucks... That is not nice!!

Sammy Hagar Sucks... HEY!! That's not nice either!

Yes That... yes what? what? yes. Who's on first? Oh never mind!

Heelies @ Old C's... but I don't think any of them had Heelie's on!

Legion of Super Nerds were great competition!

Not a chance in… What? November 9, 2009

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This week at Old C’s was awesome.  We had some awesome new teams to mix with our vets.

No Chance understood right off the bat how important style point answers were and ended up in first place at the end of round 1 beating out I’m Buzzed, The Team Formally Known as Whatever the Answer is, and Hoffmaniskis who were all close behind.

Round 2 ended in a tie between I’m Buzzed and RR&A.  RR&A won the tie breaker question and a $10 gift certificate.  So here is where we usually have a bonus beer question… well they didn’t like the one I came up with off the top of my head so after taking all the team pictures durring the break I got a new one and the beer goes to… No Chance! Who, obviously, had an awesome chance!

In Round 3 we lost a few teams so the competition heated up between the teams left.  I’m Buzzed made a vallient effort but was thwarted, once again, by No Chance who were begging not to win more beer!! I told them not to worry, the prize for round 3 was a gift certificate!

Overall it was certainly close!  Even though he didn’t win any of the rounds, I’m Buzzed came in first by just one point!! No Chance took second proving that if you have no expectations, there’s nowhere to go but up! Sadly, Shake It Like A Baby fell just short of placing!

See you all next week! Same bat time, Same bat place!

Just... One... More... Drop!!! Calm down I'm Buzzed... I think they might have more beer somewhere around here!

Beer Me in all their glory!

Beer Me in all their glory!

No Chance... of being SOBER!

Shake it Like a Baby... or a Salt Shaker... or a Poloroid Picture??

The Team Formally Known As Whatever The Answer Is... or as they named themselves later in the night... *

Welcome Backe RR&A!! It's been a long time but you made a darn good return!

Wednesday Trivia is Always Better Without Snow! November 8, 2009

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Last week at Charlie’s, we were almost snowed out, but the game prevailed.  I however forgot my camera, so I wasn’t able to take and post pictures.  This week the weather was more tolerable, and I remembered my camera.  Score!

So we had some new teams that wandered in off the street and old teams that wandered their same usual path.  We had a two tie breakers this week, but that always keeps the game interesting.

he thought it was an icecream cone.  guess maybe he really isn't that smart...

he thought it was an icecream cone. guess maybe he isn't that smart afterall...

First place went to The Evil Dr. Scientists.  They won the first and third round and then took the game in a landslide with 7 points against the next teams.  Good job!!

trivia newbies

trivia newbies

Second place went to some new guys that I’ve never seen before, They Lucky Ones.  They scored the pitcher from round two in a tie breaker.   They won second place in the game ending tie breaker.  If they hadn’t missed half the first round, I’m gonna bet they would have kicked the asses of the lab rats.  Come back next week!

11-4-09 006

female kitties

11-4-09 012It wasn’t a usual week for Alleycat.  They didn’t get any free pitchers and lost both tie breakers.  I’m sensing a need for some team building activities here.

Other folks that played with me, no pervert, not like that.

11-4-09 008

looks like Chad took Cindy's spot in the picture. hmm..

this is a public service announcement: sometimes Craig does actually smile.  And, yup, he's "now available"

this is a public service announcement: Craig actually does smile sometimes. And yes, he is "now available."

Shut Up and Drink, oh how I’ve missed this team name and this team all together.  This was a team from a long time ago, near the start of my trivia days.  Oh however did you put up with my initial state fright?

11-4-09 007Girls, I tell ya, these girls are some smart chicks.  Lesbonics played two rounds and then was summoned by the dance floor.  I didn’t see it, but I bet they shook their groove thing.

11-4-09 005

a mixture of two teams

11-4-09 002Charlie’s Angels, I’m not sure if you guys ever played before.  Either way, welcome to the game and thanks for playing.

11-4-09 004He didn’t want to join anyone, cause I think he wanted his own team name.  House of Star was headed off by Diamond.

I haven’t seen him in forever. (you won’t see him either- cause he didn’t pose for the camera.)  Rick answered a few questions, but thought that trivia was impeding his double fisting of beers.

11-4-09 011

a remake of our back in the day bar photos. oh i miss our fun nights. lets reenact every week

Sorry I was slacking on the blog, but I hope to see you guys there next Wednesday!

❤ Marci