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Wow… wow September 30, 2009

Posted by buzzwordz in Barbara Dittert, Buzzwordz Trivia, Lakewood, CO, Old Chicago-Lakewood.

Ok…. well- if you were at trivia last night, you totally know what that means!  And in case you were wondering- NO, I will not pull your finger, and NO I will not go to your hotel room with you.  And please keep tales of your junior high sexual escapades to yourself!

The rest of you seemed fairly normal.  And I use that term lightly:)

Baked Mac- I cannot believe that you were drinking O’ Douls.  I also cannot believe you knocked your lady up:)  JUST KIDDING!!!!  I don’t want to start any rumors here- they were drinking the N/As because their livers and kidneys were in recovery from some serious Beer Festivaling…

Scallywags- Hey you changed your name back!  Mike- do these guys look at all familiar?

Occupation of Roz- I really need to get to know you guys better so I can find a better symbol for you.  But good to see you back!  You placed 2 weeks in a row!

Manhole- Formerly known as D-bag…. I mean D*ldo…

Exit Only- Nuff said…

Pinky and the Brain- Hey what happened to those brains?  Where did  you go- to take over the world or something?

No Culture- What’s the differece between Iowa and yogurt? … Iowa’s got an active culture….  Hee hee:)

Thank you all for coming,

See you next week!!!




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