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Obama nearly sweeps the game August 30, 2009

Posted by buzzwordz in Buzzwordz Trivia, Denver, CO.

It was a tough night of competetion at Charlie’s this week for trivia.  We had a couple teams that were out for blood, well free beer,  ok, blood.  I’m sorry that my blog is delayed, but sometimes things more exciting happen, yeah, sorry.

take two

take two

take one

take one- notice Zach's tongue off to the right

Strapped for Obama won second and third round.  They took the game by two points.  Boy, were they excited!  I know there were some hurt feelings from this team and I want to apologize.  Unfortunately, rules are rules.  I know, it’s like I follow any other rules in my life, but I’d rather not get flogged by other players.



Second place went to Alleycat.  They scored the first pitcher and then won themselves second in the game.  They had some of the same returning players.

not screaming yet

not screaming yet

Third place went to Drink and Scream.  I’m not sure what they were drinking that made ’em want to scream.  They were a new team that was pretty strong.  With a few weeks of practice, they might be able to kill a regular team.

We had others that played too:

charlie's trivia (5)They thought it was hard, I think they were drunk.  P&G was back in the game this week tryin to win it.

welcome back, DJ

welcome back, DJ

They named their team Kick Ass, cause they thought they would.  But… they played for two rounds and left.   Guess 75¢ beers kicked their ass!  😉  Ok really, I don’t know why they left early.

Zeffrey played a round and then snuck out.  I’m pretty sure that they will come back though, cause I made him promise.  I love that boys at Charlie’s will promise you anything, even when they don’t know you.

I don’t even remember what he looked like, cause he turned in just a couple of answers.  Mike managed to score himself two points this game.

Lash always goes by a different name and always gives me reasons why he can’t play the whole game.  For some reason, his real name always slips my mind.

I can’t wait to play again next week!!

❤ Marci



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