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Trivia @ Charlie’s + Denver Cruisers @ Charlie’s = Drunken Madness August 21, 2009

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YAYYYY!!!  This was our first week back at Charlie’s after a three month hiatus!!!!  We came back on Wednesdays now instead of Tuesday.  I was so extremely excited to be back!  I even bought some new cute rainbow earrings for the event.

The night started kinda slow, there were a few groups of regulars there, and all the regular bar bartenders.  And then… 300 unexpected people showed up, which was pretty chaotic.  I don’t think that I’ve ever seen people play Twister on the floor in the middle of a packed bar.  But they did!

i told you!

i told you!

We can't see you, but I know you're there!  There was a girl hiding behind Joe.

We can't see you, but I know you're there! There was a girl hiding behind Joe.

Alleycat was back with a few member changes.  We had a couple of the returners, and then some newbies that joined the group.  They won the first two rounds and were able to score their pitchers eventually.  They won the tame in a tie-breaker.  I guess that goes to show that they are no pussies, they’re cats!

museum 6-10-09 010Second place went to Strapped for Obama.  They were a combination of a new crowd and an old crowd.  Ok really, the person that’s played before was Jen.  Oddly enough, I already knew two of the others players as well.  Kyle used to host trivia way back when. I guess that Charlie’s really likes to have short blondes host trivia for them.  Good choice!  And Brittani and I took classes years ago together.

museum 6-10-09 008P&G is usually on bottles of shampoo (Procter and Gamble), but this week it was a team at Charlie’s that took third place.  Phyllis and Greg bellied up to the bar and played some trivia.  They were in their usual spots.  Actually, I think where they sit is called the “bitches corner.”  (Seriously, it’s engraved on the bar).

I’m sorry, Zak’s Zombies, I didn’t get a picture of you.  But the team consisted of Ben and Zak and a few others that I didn’t know.  They are a team that’s sporatic around Charlie’s.  They really seem to enjoy the trivia tho.

Bryan answered a few questions and attempted to start his own team to no avail.  Sorry hun, can’t win if you don’t play.

So once the madness was over, I broke out in cupcakes in Marci Trivia Style.  I know, you guys always say it’s weird to eat sweets with beer, but you always eat ’em anyways.

❤ Marci

rainbow earrings

rainbow earrings





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