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Junk in the Trunk? August 20, 2009

Posted by buzzwordz in Adam Thornton, Buzzwordz Trivia, Fort Worth, TX.

Another week, another great showing at the Big Apple! In just our second week at the Big Apple in Fort Worth, it was apparent that Buzzwordz Trivia was going to be a hit. When I arrived to set up the presentation, I noticed there were already a few tables that had played the week prior. When I approached them, one of the gents remarked that he wasn’t happy with his performance last week so he decided to bring a team to help him out. That’s a great idea!

Boom Boom Pow!

Boom Boom Pow!

I don’t know if everyone had inadvertently killed the strong brain cells or if this particular set was more difficult than others. The scores after the first round lead me to believe that some of the teams were hoping for mercy points or coming up with funny answers in an attempt to win my favor with the scoring.

The Big Behind thundered past the competition!

The Big Behind thundered past the competition!

One of the highlights of the evening, or possibly one of the most tense moments, came at the end of the opening round when Team Margie correctly guessed (read: answered) the tie-breaker question about the height of the Willis Tower in Chicago. Shortly after the results of the tie-breaker were announced, screams of cheating and duplicity were echoing throughout the bar. After the dust had settled from the fracas, the team which Margie had overtaken decided to leave no doubt about their collective trivia prowess.  IMG_9029

Storming through rounds two and three, The Big Behind left every team wondering what had hit them. In dominating fashion, TBB, as they playfully penned themselves, won by one of the largest margins we’ve seen in quite some time.



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