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Big group = Big fun August 18, 2009

Posted by buzzwordz in Buzzwordz Trivia, Plano, TX, Tim Ball, Two Brother's Bar & Grill.

As I walked into II Brothers Grill & Bar on Monday and noticed that the bar’s sound system was gone for the week I thought to myself, “It’s going to be a long night,” as I knew that my vocal chords were going to get a beating.

Then of course, the front tables had all been pushed together and were being occupied by a group of a dozen plus men, yelling, drinking and having a good time.

Case of the Mondays

Case of the Mondays

When I approached the group about playing, and one of them even made fun of me (in which they appropriately named their group BuzzKill). But by the third question, they were not only ready to go but one individual at the table was ready to win!

Out of the raucus group of tables rose a single man that was determined to beat everyone around him and do it by himself. The One Man Stud made sure to let everyone in the bar know when he got an answer right! Also sitting in his area, Team Budlight had no problem announcing with the One Man Stud was stumped.

The first round was a nail biter as the Stud (that’s what we’ll call him for short) fell to regulars Case of the Mondays. The tie-breaker question having to do with the debut of the Addams Family just didn’t go over well with the Stud. Who would’ve known that the TV was first created as a comic way back in the 30’s!?

The Stud was frustrated but didn’t back down. This time in Round 2, a different team met the Stud head on as regular champions Wine & Dine brought the Stud to tie-breaker. It was another heart breaker too as he lost by not only one point but also by one number as the answer was 1874 and he guessed 1874. Wine & Dine nailed it.

Though W&D continued their dominance by bringing home the championship once again, the Stud did end up getting second place overall! In the end, he got some of his tab paid for and gained a lot of knowledge while hanging out with his buddies on a Monday night.

It was a lot of fun yelling the questions, screaming the answers and watching the Rangers win – all at one time!

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