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Dissed 2 Days in a row:( August 13, 2009

Posted by buzzwordz in Buzzwordz Trivia.

Baked Mac and Cheese– (And more specifically PHIL) – Ummmm…. weren’t you supposed to be at that locale????  First The Running Roosters ditch me for trivia, and now this.  Whatever- I was somewhere better anyhow.  (I’ll tell you on Tuesday)

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Pantheons: You usually keep very close tabs on your points- but you never said thanks for the bonus points:(  You are welcome anyhow.

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Black Out- Good thing you are the not the kind of team that blacks out and gets a photo of a sandwich on their head.  Instead looks like you are a dark horse in the running- very good job so far!

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Bondsman: I was wondering what kind of Bondsman you are.  Clearly the democratic kind.  Nice work- especially since you are a solo team!

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Pimp Hand the Flight Attendant: I hope you work for Frontier!  You can still keep your job and not be one of those snarky Southwest freaks.  (Actually I really like Southwest, they don’t charge for bags- but anyhow… good thing those animals will still stay on the planes)

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Cutler’s Diabetes: Christian- this is what I imagine you looked like when you were a young lad.

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Coors Street Crew: No you may not steal any more of my fries.  Get your own.  I am working and thus hungry.

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Fat Tires: Yummy.  I love you beer.

Come back next week!  Can’t wait to meet you Yoshi!

Love Babs



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