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Bingo at the Blake Street July 27, 2009

Posted by buzzwordz in Buzzwordz Trivia.

Hey guys!  We survived another weekend and ended it with a good game of Bingo.  I know it’s gonna look like everyone ran home and changed clothes on the break, but these pictures are from a couple different nights.

Dustin, Chanda, Ulyses, Bobbi, and some nameless chap all won prizes this week.  We had lots of stuff to give away, but nobody was able to score the tv yet.

Hope to see you guys next week.

🙂  Marci

bingo blake street tavern 012

Kella and Jose

bingo blake street tavern 013

Blake Street Tavern folks and their folks

bingo blake street tavern 014

Forest, Lisa, Chanda with the Bingo Boss

bingo blake street tavern 015

Dustin and his crew. Yeah, not sure why he's hiding.

bingo blake street tavern 016

I'm sorry I don't remember your names. It's ok, your girlfriend wouldn't want me to remember it anyway

an empty table during the break

an empty table during the break

bingo blake street tavern 019

Tait and his crowd. They were from Australia. Silly Aussies left before I gave away Rockies tickets

bingo blake street tavern 018

how cute!

bingo blake street tavern 011

Forest and Lisa with their overturned beers they won

bingo blake street tavern 010

my "assistant" and my boss.



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