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Newbies Night, Plus 1 July 26, 2009

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Shooter Girls, then just Shooters when added some guys, then just Shooter Girl.

Shooter Girls, then just Shooters, then just Shooter Girl. What happened?

I (Heart) Citrus - the bitter taste of defeat

I (Heart) Citrus - the bitter taste of defeat

Ramrod - stylin' to the end

Ramrod - stylin' to the end

PKCs - don't have to be smart, just smarter than the next team.

PKCs - don't have to be smart, just smarter than the next team.

Penis Colonics - smart and artsy too!

Penis Colonics - smart and artsy too!

The most PC of the Penis Colonics art

The most PC of the Penis Colonics art

CJ - Colossal Juggernaut?

CJ - Colossal Juggernaut?

Not the biggest crowd for a Saturday night, but definitely and devoted crowd.  And one filled with newbies.  Only one long-standing group of regulars.  But that didn’t stop the competition from getting pretty intense round after round.

First round and a pitcher of beer went to Viva La Mexico.  But that pitcher seemed to do them in because they struggled mightily in round 2, and then left.  But some prize is better than no prize.

And it was a hot night for style points.  In round 1 alone we had Shooter Girls and Ramrod turn in 5 and PKCs turn in 6.  Wow, nice job!

CJ joined us in round 2 and quickly proved their worth (with the help of nearby barmates).  They won but with Shooter Girls and Penis Colonics all within a point.

And CJ got the Bonus Beer Question as well, so everyone was gunnin’ for them headin’ into round 3.

Again Ramrod lead the way in round 2 style points with 7.

PKCs and Viva La Mexico took off but I (Heart) Citrus joined in.  Too bad they didn’t show up sooner because they had some chops, ending 2nd in round 3, and woulda been in prize contention in the end if they had a full night of it.  Oh well, play and learn.

Although they targets on their back, CJ would not be denied. They blew the competition out of the water in Round 3.

And that lead to a very interesting Top Points score for the evening.  Penis Colonics was able to hold fast and bring in top points overall, but 2nd place shoulda gone to Shooter Girls, but with one of the girls jetting, there just wasn’t enough spark to keep the engine running and CJ overtook them to grab 2nd place overall!  Unheard of for a team missing the entire first round to score a prize for top points. Wow!

BTW, Ramrod finished the evening with 30 style points (15 real points) which was more than half their score.  Thanks for the entertainment. We all appreciated it!

And I have to give a shout out to Penis Colonics for their own form of entertainment.  They started by drawing a cartoon illustrating their team name but quickly moved to a wide array of cartoon Franks, Weiners, Peters, and Dicks in various guises.  I wish I could share them, but you’ll have to imagine Frank-enstein, The Pirate Blueballs, Darth Weiner, Peter (Harry) Potter, and so on.  Hilarious stuff.

So, some great stuff from an intense and fun crowd.

Lookin’ forward to next week.  Hope to see you there too!

Ciao for now,

– Keith



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