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Upstarts Shock Trivia Crowd July 23, 2009

Posted by buzzwordz in Buzzwordz Trivia.

We had a very competetive room last night at City Pub. There were at least three teams in contention that have been champs in the past, including some squads not seen in months. It was a back and forth affair with tie-breakers neccesary for two of the three rounds. After it was all said and done, newcomers Cassie took the prize.

For second place, it went down to last weeks winners Sotally Tober and McDrunken. McDrunken has won before and is astrong trivia playing side, but when they guessed the population of Haiti to be 900,000 they shot their chance for trivia immortality. All in all it was extremely close in the end with only 5 points seperating 1st through 5th place going into the final question.

The final breakdown went as follows:

1st Cassie

2nd Sotally Tober

3rd McDrunken

4th Rocket Swim

5th Samson Keepers

6th Rejects

7th Portland Pubster

8th Ken Jennings

Check us out next week for the most challenging trivia game in Tamarac!



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