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Jackson’s – Triumph of the Va Jay Jay July 9, 2009

Posted by buzzwordz in Buzzwordz Trivia.

Thursday was a battle at Jackson’s all night long.  All of the teams were neck and neck as they battled for their drinks, gift certificates, and the greatest prize of all, a Buzzwordz coffee mug!

The Colfax Hookers had the most energy in the room, as they dashed their answers up, and in some cases, danced their way up!

Black Talon & China White Dos took round two with a tight tie-breaker.  They had a chance to win, but the girls had to take off early in round 3 to something better (I didn’t know that there was something better than Wednesday trivia?!?)

Fanya Paad desperately wanted that coffee mug, but their Nick Cage knowledge failed them at the wrong time.  They did take home second place, but you could see the disappointment in their faces that they would not be sipping their $9.1 billion worth of Starbucks out of the bee mug.  That’s a bummer.  They did get free beer for round 2.

Oprah’s Va Jay Jay would be triumphant this night, as they won the third straight time (that they have shown up).  They jumped the gun on Romeo and Juliet, but took the top prize by one point! 

It’s good to see everyone back at Jackson’s after our brief hiatus.  Keep coming back…you never know what special prizes I may have!  See you next week!



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