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Sorry- I have a cold July 8, 2009

Posted by buzzwordz in Buzzwordz Trivia.

So I want to start off by apologizing for not being my normal “chipper” self.  I just can’t shake this cold!  My brain is all foggy- it was a bit of a struggle to come up with anything witty to say!   If anyone has a miracle cure, let me know! 

Baked Mac didn’t make an appearance until late in the game, and even still, only 2 of them showed- I’m sure all of you are crushed:) 

So here is who won instead!

Pantheon- Did you have a good time in Europe?  Good to see you back!  Look like you picked up all sorts of information out there- you had an awesome score tonight!

Mark Ass Tricks- I never have a clue as to what your team names mean, but I thought this was kind of funny.

Coming From Behind- I’m sure that you had horse racing in mind when you came up with this team name:) Nice work in the tie breaker.

Scallywags- See!  When you stay for the 3rd round good things happen!!  On a side note, I think it would be really funny if you had this sticker on the back windshield of your cars. 

Fat Kids are Harder to Kidnap-  Ummmm… Can’t wait til next week!!!

I’m Not LL Cool J- I love him.  He is so hot.

3 People 1 Dream- Hey there!  Good to see you back!!! 

Bitchface Team- Ok, first of all you ARE good at trivia.  Second of all, you need to stop asking me for the anwers.   THIRD of all, no cheating right in front of my face by calling your dad for the answers.  And last- I totally saw you looking in the answer bucket.  Again, you are good- so there is no need to cheat!!! 🙂

So Not Baked Mac and Cheese- Laura McCleeper- I’ve come to the conclusion that you are totally insane.

Okay folks!  Remember what I said, I’ve got a birthday coming up and I want someone to take me to Casa Bonita.  For real.  (I’m a classy gal)  Think about it.




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