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Lessons from Benders-June 25th…a sad day June 26, 2009

Posted by buzzwordz in Buzzwordz Trivia.

I want to begin this blog on a somber note. In this day and age of instant information gratification, I am sure you already know that Michael Jackson passed away yesterday afternoon. I am also guessing by now that you might be sick of the media attention on him. But I have to share my two cents.

Michael Jackson was an icon that this generation of pop cultural will not soon forget. Say what you will about his personal life in the last decade or so, you can’t deny the impact he has made on the world. I couldn’t help but think as every question appeared last night how Michael Jackson affected it, either directly or indirectly. For example, there was a question about Panic at the Disco. They have been praised by critics and fans alike for their amazing music videos. But before Michael Jackson, music videos were pretty much just a recording of a band playing their instruments. Jackson was one of the first to make a music video as we see them now, and helped put MTV on the map. Then he completely redifined the idea of a “music video” with Thriller making, in essence, a short film.

I realize people have not been proud of Mr. Jackson in the last few years. The scandals and controversy have far out weighed his cultural significance in recent years. My fear coming into last nights trivia was that no one would respect his life; and wouls just crack a bunch of jokes. Surprisingly no one did. I played three different MJ songs, and each time, the crowd got quiet, and just listened. The only time someone said anything negative was when I played a Fall Out Boy cover of “Beat It.” And that was only because they wanted to hear the real thing.

You will be missed Michael.

In all honesty, I feel that in light of Michael’s death, an in depth recap of tonight’s trivia seems wanting for some reason. So here is a quick summary.

Round 1: 5 teams played. Winners were Floozies of Power after a tie breaker with Cake or Death.

Round 2: Still 5 teams. Winner was Sexy Johnny, but he declined the prize, so The Gary Schapiros got the gift certificate.

Round 3: Three new teams joined, up to 8. Winners were Cake or Death with Multiple Scoregasm coming in second after a tiebreaker.

I will be getting pictures up soon. My camera wasn’t working, so I am drawing the teams. Be up soon.

What did we learn this week?

1) The world is missing a great soul today. At least that’s how I feel.



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