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Well at least trivia gets packed when it rains? June 25, 2009

Posted by buzzwordz in Buzzwordz Trivia.

I wonder if we will ever have a rain free day?  Well- at least it brings you guys out of the woodwork, did you see the hail all piled up on the ground outside?

Baked Mac- Yup, turns out I was right about my man instinct.  Tell your friend to call me (wink wink, nudge nudge)


MJF- I think you know what this means.  I won’t make a public announcement like I did before.  It’ll be just between you and me.

Cutler’s Diabetes- You should start sitting downstairs…. isn’t Sir Cutler wonderful?  He is so giving signing autographs at the hospital…

Graham’s Crackers-I like how you switch your name up every week- have I ever mentioned that?

Wadsworth Nuts- Henry Wadsworth Longfellow- I think I saw him with you guys this week.  He kind of looks like he could be nuts.

Orgasm Donors- Wow, you guys sure are generous being willing to donate an orgasm at a moment’s notice!

Fat Kids Always Win At See Saw- I wish I would have known this when I was a fat little kid- I would have been a WINNER!!!

Late Cummers– Hmmm… this was the only appropriate pic I could find for your team… I don’t really think this is true.  Its  just what popped up!!!  I would actually like to direct this toward some people I’m annoyed with right now:)

Scallywags- Like I said, you don’t have to come now just because I can find you at work!!! However I still like it when you stop by!!!

Sexy Heels- I must say, you have been doing exceptionally well lately! Nice job!

Well all, see you next week!  Hopefully it will rain again and you will all come by!!!

xo Barb



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