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Lessons from the Glenn: June 23rd June 24, 2009

Posted by buzzwordz in Buzzwordz Trivia.

When I started working as a trivia host several months ago, I was warned that I would run into those “trouble” patrons. You know the ones. The ones that get a little to tipsy, and make it a struggle to make sure everyone has a good time. I assumed this would happen quickly, but I have been lucky to not have had to deal with this particular type of customer. Until tonight; but we’ll get more into that in a bit.

We had a smaller crowd tonight, only four teams played all three rounds, but they were four very strong teams. FOP, Noname, and Red Wing Suck Penguin Schlong were neck and neck the entire round, with Team Stoops close behind. At the end of round 1, we had a three way tie for the Round 1 prize. After a question regarding how much money Jim Carrey’s The Mask grossed, Nomame won the $10 gift certificate.

After a short break we came back with round 2. All four teams returned, looking to take Nomame down a peg or two. Unfortunately, Nomame got an early lead, making all the harder for everyone else to get caught up. During round 2 Team Stoops provided one of the more disturbing moments I’ve ever had at trivia. Instead of an answer on the Movies question, they turned in a picture of a tomato with a knife in it , oozing blood. I believe they were trying to say Attack of the Killer Tomatoes but it just came across…..weird. In the end though, Nomame once again pulled out the win with 12 points, keeping Red Wings behind with only 9 points.

Finally we come to round 3, where things got interesting. We had a question about the nick names of certain states. One of the answers was “South Carolina” and a couple teams just wrote “Carolina” and in the spirit of fun, I gave them a half a point. When I announced this to the crowd, one of the other teams (who I won’t name specifically) started chanting “Rigged” and “Unfair”! On the next question they answered “1) This (curse word) game is rigged. 2) Let team Nomane 3) Win on their own.”

At this point it was clear they assumed that Nomame was cheating, and I apparently was helping. The irony is that Nomame was not even one of the teams that answered “Carolina” which set this other team off on their anger. Either way they calmed down after word. They did however probably get upset after Noname won round three after a tie breaker, and pulled off the hat trick.

So what did we learn this week?
1) If you don’t know the answer to something, draw a disturbing picture. It won’t get you a point, but it will entertain me.
2) and If you aren’t doing well, don’t accuse other teams of cheating. It just makes the game less fun for everyone.
3) Remember, it’s just a game. Have fun!!!



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