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Falcon Brewery June 4, 2009

Posted by buzzwordz in Buzzwordz Trivia.

Straight out of Compton! Ya, you know how we play it.. Parker, Colorado style.. Killing the weak brain cellz one character at a time with the world famous Buzzwordz Trivia..



Wow, good thing I brushed my teeth and flossed today.. cause Team Smiles was in the house. They blinded me with science and knowledge from amassing all the info from unsuspecting patients while the patients were on laughing gas.. Im not laughing..

Furry Scurry

Furry Scurry

Rollin Rollin Rollin.. Thats how they roll. Shouldve called them butter cause they were on a huge time roll.. Stayed all three rounds and were rewarded with a swift kick in the pants.. Nah, they won the evenings prize! So, they got beer and a gift certificate for their prowness.. Next time they need to scurry their buttocks out of town before they win again. They said they will defend their prize next week. BOO.



Well, well, well, look who decided to come back for more trivia.. Thats right, its returning champs from a round a few weeks ago..Was it me or were they a step off by asking for hints all night? Nah, they just wanted to have fun playing. They were reall close for the first two rounds. Hope to see them next week. Remember, return players get lotso hints..

No Dinner Plans

No Dinner Plans

For two guys without dinner plans, they got hooked up pretty nicely when their better halves showed up.. I know its difficult to concentrate when the girls are there. I would be the same too.. But wow, that third round, you guys kicked butt… almost won that one.. show up next week and I got a beer waiting for you, not saying Ill buy it, but itll be waiting..



This sweet twosome showed up at the end of the second round and the proceeded to wax the bar during the third round. This was their first trivia night and they promised that they will be back next week. Thats a big word in this hosts book.. Love the rinse and repeat players.

Remember, I am here every Tuesday night starting at 730 sharp.. If you come by next week and your a new player, your gonna start off with 5 points and a beer on me. Thats the way to get a good start in the game..

Remember these three important words to get you points… BUY ME BEER.. See you next Tuesday at Falcon Brewery in Parker Colorado



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