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Looks like I need some more tie-breaker questions! June 3, 2009

Posted by buzzwordz in Buzzwordz Trivia.

Seriously- we had a 5 way tie?!?! Cuh-razee!  Ok, that was lame.  Anyhow- here’s the results!

Team Blackout- Looks like there were at least a few points in life where you rememberd something, nice work- first place!

Michael J. Fox Fan Club- 2nd place!  Oh and I got sick of putting up the same pic of my childhood husband- so I decided to do a plug for your store.  Everyone go to Runner’s Roost in BelMar!  The staff there is awesome!

Ok, so now is where the problem lay- the fight for 3rd… the winner ended up being (drumroll please!)

Cutler’s Diabetes!!!  And here is his diabetes moniter right here. 

Chunk-A-Dunk: What’s your name mean this week?  Is this a baby pic of one of you when you were little? Knipple perhaps?  I can see  you wearing these sunglasses. 


Abby Normal- so is this what your name refers to?  This is what comes up when I google it.  Definitely NOT normal.

I’m not LL Cool J- However I will not get sick of looking at LL.  He’s like hot and stuff.  For reals- I’m glad you guys are back!

Buffalo Theory-  Ok, so you keep telling me you moved to Philadephia.  However, I see you every week at trivia.  Now I know that I am not the sharpest tool in the shed- but something tells me you didn’t really move. 

Scallywags- I like googling this one, all sorts of fun stuff pops up.  This is totally you guys when you are old men. 

Dark Bubba- why do babies keep popping up?

Blurry- is that what things look like when you have no glasses on?  Or just when you are drunk?

I did it with a Wiffle Ball Bat!.. Beat Down!

Alright folks- see you next week!  You better study up, there is no way Baked Mac is missing 2 weeks in a row!



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