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Yeti and Snowman Come From Nowhere to Raise Crown May 14, 2009

Posted by buzzwordz in Buzzwordz Trivia.

We had an all-time record of participants last night at City Pub. Maybe it was the Nuggies in the playoffs, maybe it was the beautiful weather, or maybe the word is getting out about the best trivia game in south Denver. We had ten teams and 35 participants, but when it was all said and done Yeti and Snowman took 1st place while last week’s champion Sotally Tober took 2nd.

Baker Boys stuck around since happy hour and got third for their commitment. Teamus Neamus always plays a good game, but they came up a little short. Blades shot pool while playing trivia, the biathalon of City Pub Wednesdays. Dick and Balls had a great 3rd round surge. Rounding out the list of competitors we had Hampden, Hotter Than Your Mom, 5 Boobs, Jayhawk, Blackhole, and Samwise.

Join us next week to see if we have a new presence at City Pub or just a flash in the pan. Also their bar food is some of the best in the city.



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