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Falcon Brewery May 14, 2009

Posted by buzzwordz in Buzzwordz Trivia.


its that time again, Blog time! We only had a few players on Tuesday night, I think thats because its so nice out. For all the players that keep coming by, thanks a bunch. Ill buy a beer if your a repeat player for next Tuesday. On to the pics..

Team Boyz

Team Boyz

We had a team of four that split into the boys and girls.. So thats part of team Boyz and Girlz. The Boyz won the second round. Guess who won the first.. wait for it.. wait for it..

Team Girlz

Team Girlz

Ya, thats right, The Girlz won the first round.. They kicked some Power Puff booty. Thanks for staying for the entire night and eating and drinking.. mmm, drinking..

Team Dicks

Team Dicks

This team came from nowhere, actually, they just finished working. And what a good team of Dicks they were. They both brought their large heads and kept stroking for the answers that came naturally to them. In fact, they won the third round! Way to spew the answers.. hope to see you two next week.

Team Falcon

Team Falcon

Holly was all that and a bag of chips with a free soday. She carried the team to the final end. They didnt win, but hey, whats a bar owner to do. CHEAT?

I just want to give out another shout-out to everyone who came by, I really want to see everyone show up next Tuesday for Buzzwordz Trivia.



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