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Tuesday’s are WONDERFUL for Holidays!! May 6, 2009

Posted by buzzwordz in Buzzwordz Trivia.

We have had so many holidays for trivia night at Charlie’s lately.  This week was Cinco de Mayo.  There was lots of Mexican drink specials- way too many for me to remember or list.

The reigning team from last week wasn’t all in tact, but they were able to scrape up a couple of members.  They weren’t able to fend off the competition this week.

5-5-09-005Serve Your Own Damn Self didn’t really tell me what the name was about.  It could be due to the fact that we don’t have waiters at Charlie’s.  Or maybe someone just had a bad day at work.  Either way, good job guys!

Second place went to Alleycat.  They won the tie breaker for for the first round.  They didn’t win a prize last week, but were able to get on the scoreboard this week.  (Guys, I don’t know what happened to your picture.  I know I took it and it was cute.  damned technology!!) 

5-5-09-008Erebus scored third place this week.  He asked me what I blog about him, cause I guess he never reads my blog.

Other teams that we had playing:

5-5-09-004He was recruiting all kinds of people tonight.  Phyllis always sits in the same seat every week.  I’m not sure what he’d do if someone stole his chair.

5-5-09-002Masoniteswas a mixture of regulars and out of towners.  We had Jay’s brother and boyfriend in town, and they were much more into drinking than playing. 

5-5-09-006We haven’t seen the girls from Vaginamyte in FOREVER!!  They came in a few questions into the first round and stayed the whole game.  Good to see you ladies!

5-5-09-009I’m not sure if he was calling himself a name, or if it was about the song.  The Thundercats Hoe came in for a few rounds and promised me they would be on time next week.

A couple other teams threw answers in here and there, but didn’t stay the duration of the game.


5-5-09-010Well thanks for coming out- see you next week!

❤ Marci



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