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Marci: “The First Lady of Charlie’s” April 15, 2009

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The evening at Charlie’s started out pretty slow.  I was worried that we would be slow like last week.  But alas, my players brought themselves out to play with us this week.

4-14-09-014Alleycat won the first two rounds and then the game.  They thought they would be able to drink free all night, but they weren’t able to get all my beer.

4-14-09-013Second place went to 2 in pink, 1 in the stink.  They didn’t score a pitcher, but grabbed second place from me.

RCSPK, not to be confused with RESPECT was the third place winner.  They said it was their initals.  Weird that not one of them started with a vowel.

We had some other teams this week:

4-14-09-0111He has been here a few weeks in a row, but Erebus didn’t get a prize this week.

4-14-09-008They weren’t all in the picture, but Phyllis had a couple of different people playing on his team this week.

4-14-09-010I’m sorry about your friend, Royal.  I hope that you guys come back next week.  Good to see you!!

I didn’t get a picture of Rob, but he played about half the game and then disappeared.

4-14-09-015Cubbies started in the middle of round two and played all by himself.  He was able to score the pitcher for the third round.  Hopefully I convinced him to come back next week and play the whole game.


I would tell you guys how much fun I had and how much I love you, but you all already know it.

See you next Tuesday!

❤ Marci



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