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We Love You Chrome, and Will NEVER Forget You!! March 25, 2009

Posted by buzzwordz in Buzzwordz Trivia.

This week is going to be more of a ranting blog than most of the Charlie’s blogs.  I want to start the blog by commending the family atmosphere that Charlie’s has.  It’s so much more than just a local bar.  It’s really a family to many people.  I’ve been hosting there for 10 months, and it’s really a family to me.  If you’ve never been to Charlie’s on a holiday, they bring out all the goods.  They serve up a buffet meal to all of their regulars and even throw down the tablecloths.

With all of that being said, the loss of a Charlie’s family member really hit everybody.  The Charlie’s family was seated in the bar since around 9am, a few hours before their normal opening.  They were holding vigil and supporting eachother.  Many of them took the day off from work due their sadness and grief.  The loss of Chrome is the loss of part of Charlie’s.  While he is gone, he will not be forgotten.


this was my very first night hosting solo at Charlie's. There are other pictures, but one was kinda riske

Despite the sadness and tears, we were able to give eachother a couple of big bear hugs and continue with the party.  And boy, did we play a pretty competitive game to distract ourselves.

img_0134They haven’t won first place lately, but Alleycat was back in the game this week.  I’m going to say it’s due to Jake not sneaking off this week.  One of the boys was ahem, a lady tonight.  Sorry I didn’t have time to say hi, Brandon.

img_0130The Hot Messes won second place this week.    Scott had recruited some new folks to play with him, and they seemed to be helpful.

img_0129Third place was all That Team.  Half of the team left due to sadness and tears, but their team fared well without them.

We had lots of other teams that played:

img_0126Erebus says that he wants me to get naked for my anniversary party.  Uh, not so sure about that one, but good try.  He used his marriage as an excuse that he likes women as well as men.  Hmmm…

img_0133Oh they were back this week, but a couple of ’em bugged out early.  And no, all those folks didn’t play on Royal, cause then they’d be breaking the rules.

img_0131Oh you’re so smart, cause you Kick Ass.  It was mainly just Zack and Jen, but they had a couple others throw in some answers with them for a little bit.

img_01281I got Ben to admit that they’re actually not all related.  But Phyllis and Sons was back in the game this week.  I’m wondering if they were a little bit earlier than usual.  I didn’t Ben to see if he was staying the whole game this week.  (Sorry, the place just got too crazy!)

Jason was in town, but I couldn’t convince JT to play the whole game.  They were good for some hugs, but really just not able to pay attention to myself on the microphone.

He answered just a few questions and then Will Speer disappeared.  I didn’t get to ask him if the street was named after him or not.

He didn’t follow me around, but he still called himself Shadow.  He played two rounds of trivia tonight.

img_0135They didn’t look too scary and not nearly as hairy.  Grizzly played the last two rounds of the game.

Well along the lines of hairy, we’ve got Boys for Bananas.  They weren’t shaped like apes or monkeys or anything.


I will see you guys next week, if not sooner!

Much love!!! 

❤ Marci



1. buzzwordz - March 26, 2009

I just want to leave a message for Chrome cause I know he would read it if he could.

Thank you for letting me kick you off the computer every week, we always had it worked out so perfectly. You take bathroom break while I print my invoice. And thank you for reaching the marker that was over my head- I used it again this week to keep score. And thank you recommending me lunch when we oddly ran into eachother at Wokano on MLK day.

Most importantly, thank you for your smile and kindness, you were always willing to give without even receiving!


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