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“card is locked” March 13, 2009

Posted by buzzwordz in Buzzwordz Trivia.

This week at Ogden Street South, I happened to screw up my camera during trivia.  I went to walk over and take someone’s picture and I dropped my camera.  Well in the process of the drop, it screwed up my card. 

If there isn’t a picture of you, I’m sorry.  Blame it on the floor, or the camera, or the card, or something else.

We started the game with 9 teams and ended the game with 8.

3-11-09-001King Prawns won the tie breaker and took the bar tab this week.

3-11-09-002They were able to fix my camera, but they lost the tie breaker by not too many.  Short Bus was a mere two members, but they were kicking butt this week.  Just for that, I’m going to “kidnap” you.

Garden Club is some folks that have played before, but they used a different name.

They missed the championship game because they were out of the country, but Studio 52 came back to play with us.  They left a little bit before the end of the game due not winning poker or trivia.

Team Nobbin only answered a few questions because they said they had “stuff to do.”  Well, I don’t really know what that meant, but thanks for playing for a minute.

They were new to the game, but they did pretty good keeping up.  Team Haugewasn’t very strong in knowing their Lisa Loeb trivia though.

Death Squad won last week, but wasn’t able to score another win this week.

3-11-09-005So Booyah was a little nervous to play, since it’s usally ladies night.  They played, but didn’t turn in the last answer.

3-11-09-004They were ladies that played in the past.  They were another team that didn’t turn in the last question.  L&M played most of the game.  I’m not sure who the team is named after, cause there was like 4 of them.

I’m sorry my blog was late guys,  I just was really busy.

See you next week!!




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