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Wacky Wheatridge……. March 12, 2009

Posted by buzzwordz in Buzzwordz Trivia.

Well okay it wasn’t that wacky it was just different. Had some great looking waitress. Much cuter than DL. We also announced that on March 25th they are giving away a Coors SnowBoard. Must be present to win.

Ok so I think this was one of the hardest weeks we’ve had in awhile. But none the less there were winners. And this was one of those nights when we had no none round winners take first and second over all.

Round one and three went to Colonel’s Chicken Fried Rice. They also took first place overall on the night.

Round two went to the originally named Team Name, they also took second over all.

My favorite team name on the night was Raise Your Hand If You Like Orgasms.

We also had our ever so faithfuln Morbid Peanuts and Moses Knowes who later became Triple Threat.

Have Ego Will Travel was there ready for Guiness.

After having great debut nights Sweet Zombie Jesus has struggled a little bit. But none the less there in fine form.

Had a good handful of rookie teams on the night. They all unfortunatly ran away before I got their team photos.

Kassi’s Crew, BIGH – Because I Got High, Red Dogs, & Boba Fett.

Then we also had a couple teams who answered when they thought they knew the answer-

Beavers and Unfashionably Late

Remember I will be gone on the 25th but you get to see my bright shining face on the 18th.  I am fighting to get pictures posted so as soon as the interenet cooperates I will get them up there.



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