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Wednesday at Wheatridge March 5, 2009

Posted by buzzwordz in Buzzwordz Trivia.

It was nice to see some teams that were MIA last week.  I think I jinxed the night.  I told everyone that round 1 was easy.  Ok for some it was but others not so much.

Round one had a 4 way tie but there could only be one winner.  That winner was I Gave Up Trivia for Lent

Round two also had to go to a tie breaker and the winner was Will Invetro for Food Stamps

Last but least with a third round of tie breakers it went back to I Gave up Trivia for Lent they also went on to take first place over all on the night.

We had to teams take second on the night it was Will Invetro for Food Stamps and UPUD (Unkept Promises Unfulfilled Dreams)

Other teams on the night were:

Morbid Peanut, My Vagina Aches…..for more, Slavic Fusion, Masters of Reverse Psychology, Team X, Not Buzzworthy, Skid Marks, Football Flavored Fish Fodder



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