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Behave- Mom is here! March 4, 2009

Posted by buzzwordz in Buzzwordz Trivia.

I must admit, Charlie’s was much different this week.  My parents are in town, so my mom wanted to see what this trivia thing was all about.  I really tried to behave myself and did pretty well.  And then there was Renee…

3-3-09-005The Stragglers were one question late for the game.  They were one point shy of winning the first round.  They won the pitcher from the second and third round.  They won first place in the game this week.

Drew, you're looking evil there next to my mother

Drew, you're looking evil there next to my mother

Second place went to Alleycat.  They also won the first pitcher of the game.  These guys were kind enough to let my mom play on their team.  Little did I know that she would tell them all of my dirty little secrets…

3-3-09-012Third place went to Resurrection of Mickey Rourke.  I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but Mickey Rourke is all over the gossip channels lately.  ugh.  Why did they resurrect him?!

Alright, we had a lot of other teams playing.

3-3-09-006Erebus made an appearance for the second week in a row.  Bystanders made me retake his picture because he wasn’t smiling in the first one.  Way to look out for your fellow man!

3-3-09-015They only played one round and then left.  And I think it’s because they wanted their picture posted.  Greg & AJ were a little team tonight, but I couldn’t convince them to stay.

3-3-09-007I was initially offended by the name because I thought it was my fault.  But then I realized that if it is because of me, I am pretty damned influential.  Encouraged Members were a big team tonight.  I just think we might have some new regulars!

3-3-09-017I’m sorry Barb.  They came from Old Chicago over to Charlie’s.  They weren’t able to stay the whole game, but promised they would next week.  I’m pretty sure the cheap drink specials encouraged Camel Toe to partake in some 75 ¢ beer.

3-3-09-008He always plays.  He’s always at Charlie’sPhyllis was even there when I stopped in last Saturday.  He had some help for part of the game tonight.

3-3-09-0091Maverick was sitting at the bar by himself.  But I’m pretty sure that he wasn’t bored or lonely.

3-3-09-016They were offended that I didn’t remember them.  I’m sorry. What can I say?!  I’ll remember Royal next time though!!

Well, it was a pretty chill night.  There weren’t any beads, but Trevor still showed us his boobies.


See you next week!!




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