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See What Happens When We Take a Break…. February 19, 2009

Posted by buzzwordz in Buzzwordz Trivia.

Well there was an unusually small crowd at Ogden Street South this week.  As a matter of fact, at the normal start time, there was only one team signed up.  I finally was able to recruit a few more.  I even allowed a group of guys to play Ladies Night Trivia.

The game was pretty tight the whole time.  With all of these new teams, there was some pretty extreme competition.  People were always checking their score.  Maybe it was the abundance of men that were playing.  (Ok really- there was 6 men that cared about their score, not a ton).

there was another player, but she didn't want to be photographed

there was another player, but she didn't want to be photographed

They bickered  about the answers throughout the whole game.  They each made sure to let me know which answers they had thought were correct, but their partner vetoed.  M&B seemed to have a pretty good time playing trivia.  They were new to the game, but were enthusiastic about the game.  They need to come back some Wednesday soon, so they can use their gift certificate that they earned.  Hopefully the also learned that Buzzwordz is better than that other company.

Staff Infection would have won the game if they were allowed to win.  Unfortunately, the staff just plays to pass the time.  Since they are the regular crew, they would have to call in sick to play the game for real.   Ok, I guess if they were “sick,” they wouldn’t be allowed to play the game.

2-18-09-001They were the only one who knew the answers about the Bissell vacuum cleaners and soap operas.  Cripples thought they would be able to rock ladies night trivia, but ended up a few points short.  You might not be able to tell, but one of these handsome guys was on crutches.

2-18-09-002So they won last week.  Asian Sensation came back this week to use their gift certificate.  They had one lucky gal who was able to sing the alphabet song.  She wouldn’t sing the song on the microphone for the whole bar, but she did sing me a little bit of it.

Oh boys!  One Man’s Trash started the game but was distracted by a new hot little waitress.  Really though, he should have played the game instead of distracting her from her training.  Bad boy!

Hopefully we have more people to play next week or I might go insane.

See you next Wednesday!




1. King Prawns - February 24, 2009

Is there a new tournament starting soon? Was this the 1st week that we missed/

buzzwordz - February 26, 2009

hopefully the tournament will be starting next week

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