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Whew, What a Night!! February 18, 2009

Posted by buzzwordz in Buzzwordz Trivia.

Well we had used six tie breakers at Charlie’s this week.  We used three of them to figure out who came in first and second place in the game.

2-17-09-010Alleycat won the third round and then finally managed to come in first place.  You’re right, KFC Chicken does have 11 spices.  Except here’s the problem: you guessed 7.  So I can’t go back and give you that extra point.

2-17-09-004They fought for first place, but didn’t quite get it.  TNT was in an arguing mood, but they didn’t know that I’m a good arguer.  Here’s a rebuttal for you, “Although in the Americas, rr is commonly recognized as a separate letter, Real Academia does not officially recognize it.”  Oh and another, “Although this is no longer a Spanish letter, the sound still exists.”  There were a lot more, but I figured that my point was proven.

there was another player, but she didn't feel well

there was another player, but she didn't feel well

Third place went to one of the teams of ladies.  Resurrection of Mickey Rourke didn’t have their random male participant this week.  It seems they have become a new team of regulars.  They won a pitcher from the first round and were cool enough to share with another team.  Hope to see you guys next week!

Other teams that played:

2-10-09-0091I’m Just Sayin came to play tonight.  They hadn’t been here for a while.  It was good to see them back in the game.  Make sure to drag Lauren in with you next time!

2-17-09-001He had recruited Ben, but didn’t change the team name.  Phyllis did a good job keeping up with the score.  He’s such a good sport cause he always whines about his photo, but still sits still for the picture.

2-17-09-006I’m really not sure what you meant by this.  Maybe I should be offended. Hmmm.  Marci’s Mangina Hurts started out strong and then dwindled away.  I guess it’s cause I saw quite a few rounds of shots over at their table.  But hey peppermint makes your breath better, right?!

2-17-09-003Euro Trippin was a few minutes, but they played till the end. 

2-17-09-005Team Mario gave me shit when I walked past them with the camera and didn’t stop.  Of course I came back and took their picture.  They started the game a little bit late and then left the game after round two.  They complained that they weren’t winning.  But you can’t win if you don’t play.


Whew, that was our teams. 

I want to remind you guys that next Tuesday is the beginning of Mardi Gras.  We will be having an event that we are calling Trivia Gras.  There will be drink specials.  There will also be a contest.  $100 for best dressed next week!  Oh I better get looking for something to wear!!

See you at Trivia Gras!




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