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Newbies Take the Prize! February 12, 2009

Posted by buzzwordz in Buzzwordz Trivia.

Whew, Ogden Street South was totally packed when I came in for trivia this week.  I guess Vail Resorts was having some company party or something.  Whatever it was, they took up lots of tables.  I was able to sneak into a booth real quick.  Eventually, some tables cleared up and we were able to play trivia.

We had lots of new teams.  I’m not sure if they were just residual from the Vail stuff or just happen to be in the bar.

2-11-09-003Asian Sensation  started as five people, but lost one due to an early bed time.  They haven’t played trivia with us before, but they said they come to this great local bar often.  Hopefully they will be back next week to use their gift certificate.

The game was close, and the rest of these guys were right behind the leader.

This team was initially too big, so they had to split up.  Shredders didn’t really  tell me what their name meant, so I will just guess.  They like cheese.  Or they rip up paper.  Or they like the bad guy in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  Whatever they were, I think they had fun.

I didn’t get a picture of them, and they had lots of extra people.  Cobra Kai was back in the game this week.  They were just one point from winning, but didn’t get enough.

The Quicks were back this week, but out of practice.  They had a new player on the team, one that pees standing up.  Come back next week, guys!

They are an off-shoot of Shredders.  Dry Spell didn’t tell me who was having the dry spell and what exactly they were dry from.  I will just guess…









So this week wasn’t part of the tournament, and next week will probably be similar.  If you were wondering what we gave away, it was a $50 gift certificate to Ogden Street South.  That will buy you dinner and drinks for quite a few.

See you guys next week!




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