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Jackson’s – Murder in the third round February 8, 2009

Posted by buzzwordz in Buzzwordz Trivia.

All of our teams were coasting right through rounds one and two, feeling really good about themselves. You could see the trivia egos and head sizes swelling from all the way across the room.  Then the third round brought humility, not humiliation, but we got those egos back in check.

Little Lebowskis Urban Achievers were the big winners of the night, taking round 2 and the game as a whole.  They almost sabotaged the night when Nicole needed a drunken hug from me, nearly knocking out our sound system.  But who can blame her? Everyone needs a hug from a host this dashing and handsome 😉 (Just kidding,  I think I am a hideous beast)

The boys from Chicago, Scalpers, very nearly took away LLUA’s glory by one point!  Trust me, boys, I know when a team is cheating….don’t worry about it!  They took round two, so they had plenty of free booze to make them happy.

Osiris, back from illness and missing their first week that I can ever remember, were crippled by the rough third round but made a great showing.

Buffalo Theory had a very strong night, as they caught their first Thursday show, being regulars at OC’s Broomfield for Keith’s show.  They said they had gotten third place the last three weeks at OC’s, so they appropriately got third place on Thursday as well.  Hope you boys can make it back!

Pop N Fresh got their trivia time mixed up, so they were a bit late.  They did a great job, though I saw a couple of head shakes in frustration.  Don’t sweat it, kids…no one knows everything.  See you next week.

Drunk-asses Lucasmeister answered three questions, but at least they got those three right.  Also, Off Constantly won round one, and probably could have won the game if they had stuck around for round 3.  Hopoe to see you again.

It was a great trivia night, and we finally get to play our own music…very exciting.  Come on back this Thursday for our Valentine’s quiz.  It should be a good one!



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