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Your Last Chance to Win a Massage January 29, 2009

Posted by buzzwordz in Buzzwordz Trivia.

This week was the last week of the 10 week tournament at Ogden Street South.  We are playing the championship game next week.  How to get into the championship game:  win one game during the last 10 weeks, or play every week for 8 weeks.  The prizes this time: $600 grand prize & $100 second place.

The game was close and I thought that maybe someone else was going to take the prize home tonight, but you never can tell till the end.

1-28-09-0161883 was down two players at the beginning of the game, but they still managed to win the prize for the week.  THey have won several games throughout the 10 weeks, but they still only get one seat in the championship game.  Maybe somebody can take them down…

no, they didn't all sit on one side all night

no, they didn't all sit on one side all night

They were back this week trying to get a win, but The Quicks a.k.a. Little J wasn’t able to get a prize this week.  They promised me they would be back in two weeks to try and get into the championship game next time.


you can't see it,but he's wearing flip flops in the snow

This team started out as two ladies sitting at the bar playing one of those electronic video games.   They were about to leave and go home and watch tv, but I convinced them to.   See Jo, Science Nerds did play and have fun!

1-28-09-018I didn’t get to find out of their K & R was their initals or not.  They were aprehensive about the picture thing, but then said they were joking.  They played for a while and then left during the middle of the second round.  Well thanks for playing while you did.

1-28-09-015Now I don’t know if their name is about their hobbies or their names.  S & M  was a new team to Ogden Street South  I wasn’t sure if they were going to play, because they already had their food boxed up and ready to go.  They stayed till the end though.  I think maybe they will come back, cause they had a good time.

The Regulars played only one round, cause then they started drinking more and hanging out more.  I think they made the same poor girl deliver their answers every day.  I also save that girl from this guy who thought that she might want to “know” his name.  I really don’t think she is your type, dude.  Ok, I didn’t get a picture of these folks, sorry.

1-28-09-017BMG – I think you played once before, long long ago.  They didn’t start till the game was about half over, but they still did well point wise.  I think I saw them playing pool after the game.  I also think that they might be back again.

Alright, so don’t forget that the championship is next week.  So if you won a game in the past 10 weeks, you get to play for the prize.  If you want to come and just play and I’ll buy you a drink, that’s cool too (you just can’t get the big bucks).

See you next week!




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