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Jon: “Marci, I’ll do it if you do it too.” January 29, 2009

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Charlie’s is always so unpredictable.  And oddly enough, in the middle of the winter, we can still take advantage of “Twisted Tuesday” where we strip down.  We had some bras, some bare chests, and even some boxer briefs in the mix.  Oh I love you guys!!

So we started the game and gained a few teams and lost a few teams.  We ended the game with less clothing and 6 teams.

I also want to announce that we have been upgraded with our trivia supplies.  We have a bucket for my supplies, but inside that bucket is the best: my usual pitcher to hold the blank answer sheets, and a new glass & metal pencil cup! 

Aside from the supplies and undergarments, we really did play trivia.

1-28-09-005First place went to The Two Amigos.  If you read the blog or used to play trivia at Charlie’slast year, you would recognize Torey.   They always change their team name, but never change their faces.  Holly and I had something huge in common, we had the same bags- mine red, her’s green.  I also learned that Torey is rated a 4 on the gay scale.  (Don’t ask, really).

1-28-09-0101One of the forerunners of their team is still on vacation.  How much vacation time can one have?!  AlleyGators won second place this week.  They won the pitcher from round two and were celebrating a birthday.  They brought some cupcakes, but they ate the whole tray between their table.

1-28-09-011They went to the tie breaker for round three.  They weren’t able to score a free pitcher.  FlipTop Box grabbed some drink cards tonight and had a good time (of course, cause they were at Charlie’s for trivia!!)

We had lots of other teams that played with us (not like that!):

was half asleep waiting for the game.  Well maybe not really calling it asleep, but half passed out.  He sat by me this week because he didn’t want to walk through the crowd to turn in his answer.  Well then by round three, he wasn’t really turning in answers.  I do believe that he was talking to my paper pitcher at one point though. 

he wasn't have any pictures tonight.

he wasn't have any pictures tonight.


He played part of the first round and then complained that he was cold and went inside the bar. Phil R  was all bundled up in a jacket and couldn’t get warm enough- isn’t that when you should drink more?

new hairdo

new hairdo

JT wasn’t able to get any prizes tonight.  Tim was in with a new hair cut.  Not sure if it’s because I have been telling him lately to cut it, or if he was looking to make out with that strange boy again.  Either way, it looks good.

AJ always likes to kick up his heels in a picture...

AJ always likes to kick up his heels in a picture...

There was actually three people on this team, so I’m not really sure who is the left and who is the right and well, I don’t have three, so I just don’t know.  Marci’s Tetas played the first round and then dissipated for the rest of the game.

1-28-09-0121They started in the third round.  They really didn’t have a chance to win one of the big prizes, but they played for the fun.  Iowa Boys were new to the game.

1-28-09-013DGRG, you told me what your team name meant, and I don’t remember.  I’m sorry.  They also were only around for the third round.

Whew, well that was our teams this week.  Sorry that I was a day late, but I definitely didn’t forget you guys!

the perfect bag to carry whatever you could possibly want

the perfect bag to carry whatever you could possibly want

❤ Marci



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