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Competition Heats Up @ Superior January 27, 2009

Posted by buzzwordz in Buzzwordz Trivia.

Well this was week two of big competition at the OC in Superior.  We only had 3 teams return from week one.  But we also had a good turn out of some new teams.  We had a total of  14 teams at one point.

Taking both bonus questions in round one and two were Asses on Fire.  And boy were they.  They were very, very close in both of their estimated guesses. They also finished in fifth on the night overall.

This was again a very close week.  Only points seperating 1st and fifth.  With a two way tie for 3rd.

Taking first over all on the night was Pinch a Loaf.

Dazed was back for week two and took second trailing by 1.

Our tie for 3rd if there was one was between 4 on 70 and Big Girl Panties and the Commandos. (my fave team name on the night)

Fourth was return team Shuttlecocks.  They missed week one but doubt they will miss anymore.

Another great team name on the night was Brazilian Wax which equals No Bush. They took off midway round 2 but I think they will be back for more.

The Devils Rejects were also very close in the runnings.

The Worst Team Ever wasnt that bad.  They just left in the middle of round 3.

We had Kick Ass playing and boy did they scoring 11 out of 12 in round one. But they bailed on us in round 2.

Goat Cheese Pizza came back this week this is my third team back from week one.

26 Champions were a great group on guys to trash talk spots.  By the way who does Mike Tomlin coach for? Yeah 26 championships for the Yanks. Congrats.

4th and Long is a team I hadn’t seen since before Christmas so it was good to see them back out and about.


Look forward to seeing you all next

Team  wk 1 total wk 2 total
Blame Canada 39 39
Pinch A Loaf 37 37 40 77
NEO 35 35
Joke Monkey 35 35
Hugh Jazz 31 31
Dazed 28 28 39 67
Druken Frenchmen 22 22
Goat Cheese Pizza 15 15 24 39
Moose Knuckles 0 0
Shuttlecocks 37 37
Big Girl Panties and the Comandos 38 38
Devil’s Rejects 34 34
Kick Ass 16 16
4 on 70 38 38
Worst Team Ever 27 27
4th and Long 19 19
Asses on Fire 36 36
rd 1 bonus 1st
rd 2 bonus 2nd    

week to see the scores go up, up, up.




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