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Mercy is for the Weak January 23, 2009

Posted by buzzwordz in Buzzwordz Trivia.

“” Mercy is for the weak”  Everyone in the world knows that quote right?  Or maybe not… Team OCDB thinks I’m nuts when I rock out to the 80s tunes…  And this is an 80s movie… ANYHOW (not anyhoo, that is just wrong)  people in their 30s should know this quote.  I don’t want to humiliate anyone publicly- but you know who you are! 

Riiiiggggghhhht!  And let’s just move along here…

Ok I know you won and all, but seriously, you can’t get this quote?  Perhaps this is a better hint.  This is the guy that says the mercy quote.  Counting French-Frylands

Laura- we missed you at trivia, but I’m sure you had something better to do- like hang out with your Boys and stuff.  Baked Mac and Cheese still came in second.

Michael J. Fox Fan Club- Well looky up there!  If that is not art, well then I don’t know what is.  LOVE LOVE LOVE the name.  For real, Family Ties is an American Classic- possibly one of the greatest shows ever.  You think I’m kidding…

you can hide, but i still know who you are!Well, well, well… What do we have here “Marci Who?”  I am also highly offended by the part where you are showing most of your face in this picture my friend.  (Do you like how I threw the McCain in?   Did you notice stock picked up on Wednesday?)

Two Twins and a Midget–  All I could find were midget twins….

Aircraft Mechanics Fraternal Association - Local 33

I had no idea you were all airline mechanics!!! Makes me nervous for next time I fly…

Oh don’t you worry Old School we do!

Ok fine “Ragin Cajuns” we proved you wrong.  And now that I google image the actual name of your team (which I still think people will be offended by) I see that you were also correct.  And I no longer think you were using the term in a derogatory manner.   This pic is awesome.   Totally you in 30 years!


I must say I am getting really smart having to research these team names lately.  Until last week, Fecal Coliform, I thought you were just gross.  Now it turns out Fecal Coliform not only is an actual thing- but there is a test for it as well!!!!  Ya learn something new every day!

Well, Tuesday was a little slower than normal:(  But it was also 70 degrees in January and Inauguration Day, so I suppose we will let this slide… This time!

Love, Barb



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