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When the going gets tough… January 16, 2009

Posted by buzzwordz in Buzzwordz Trivia.
Hard Hat LBHW/S

Hard Hat LBHW/S

Team Huskers - Husky advantage

Team Huskers - Husky advantage

TroubleShooters - in trouble?

TroubleShooters - in trouble?

Low Cash Nobodies - teen wünderkind

Low Cash Nobodies - teen wünderkind

When the going gets tough…

…trivia teams falter.

At least that was the experience this last Thursday at Thornton’s Old Chicago.  A smaller than normal turnout, a tough set of questions, and a struggle to win points.

First round showed meager point totals with TroubleShooters and Hard Hats with 4.5 points and Team Huskers winning with 5. NOTE: if each team would have maxxed out their style points instead, they would have had 5.5 points! And Carlitos gave up for the evening after only 5 questions.

It was painful to watch everyone struggle.  The highlight of round 1 was seeing that Hard Hat was trying to change things up by renaming themselves Hard Hat Laser Beam Helicopter with Sharks.  I have know idea where that came from, and it was way too long to say every time but it did bring some levity to the game.

Things improved slightly as we moved into round 2.  Low Cash Nobodies joined us and added some good competition despite the fact that they are only 19!

Huskers again won round 2 but with Low Cash 1 point behind them, and TroubleShooters 1 point behind them, and Hard Hat 1 point behind them.

So it was anybody’s game heading into round 3.  With a superb use of the double up bonus, Hard Hat LBH/S nailed the PacMan question to surge ahead at the end for the win. Huskers were 2nd, Low Cash, 3rd and TroubleShooters 4th that round.

Quick Six joined in but only for a few questions they felt they knew during round 3.

But Hard Hats didn’t quite score enough to stop Huskers from taking top points overall.

Final standings: Huskers, Hard Hat, Low Cash and TroubleShooters.

I hope all the usual faces get settled in the New Year and now that we’re back to an 8pm start, we hope to see the place packed again soon!

See you next week.

Ciao for now,

– Keith



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