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Tuesdays at The Glenn with Preacher January 14, 2009

Posted by buzzwordz in Buzzwordz Trivia.

Hey everyone!  I hope eveyone is having a great new year and keeping those brains sharp for Buzzwordz!  This Tuesday at The Glenn in Northglenn we had 13 teams that put their knowlege to the test, but as always only those few at the top of their game will walk away victorious.  Round 1 and teams Shana Hand Job and Gods of Wrong Answers both had a perfect score for the first few questions but as we got toward the end of the round, teams Mad Dog, FOP, and Box Squatters were all catching up with Dazed and Shanahand’s Last Stand following close behind.  Cut to the end and the benevolent Gods of Wrong Answers take the round by 2 points.  Round 2 and team The Dude: Walter, Devil Dogs, and Chinese Wedding were picking up steam.  Team Rubber Nipple Salesmen joined us and team Gravy got pretty good after a shaky first round, but it was Shana Hand Job and Gods of Wrong Answers in a tie in the end with Shana Hand Job taking down the champs.  Round 3 and the story is simple, like the Phoenix from the ashes Gods of Wrong Answers once again dominated the competiton and took hope the gold.



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