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BCS stands for Bar Customers Sleepy January 9, 2009

Posted by buzzwordz in Buzzwordz Trivia.
Norwegian Refugee - far left, and recruits

Norwegian Refugee - far left, and recruits

Dazed and Bern Dogg

Dazed and Bern Dogg

AC = Almost Contenders

AC = Almost Contenders

Well the BCS championship game with a late kickoff at 6pm meant for a later ending of almost 10p.  Very few wanted to stick around for triva, but we did manage 5 teams.

The first round as a quick round, which yielded Bern Dogg as the first winner of the evening.

Round two saw 3Some turn in a win.  Dazed and Bern Dogg, two solo players came in a close 2nd and 3rd.  I told you guys you should team up!

To keep it exciting, I added an extra beer round and Dazed was the winner there.

By third round, we lost Who’s Your Daddy and 3some but picked up team ACAC had a good round finishing just out of prize range.  Could have been a different story if they had been around for the first two rounds.

Norwegian Refugee had the lead by 1/2 point going into the last question but they decided to play it straight and didn’t use any style points  for the last question… and it cost them.  Dazed ended up winning by 1/2 point.  Ouch!  Maybe it proves, better funny than safe.

Anyway, with the Thursday night football games over, we’ll be starting back up at 8pm.  So bring your friends down to the OC Thornton (on Grant) for a good time, trivia throwdown.

Ciao for now!

– Keith



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