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Back to Buzzwordz in Wheatridge January 8, 2009

Posted by buzzwordz in Buzzwordz Trivia.


Okay it is a week late but better late than never right.  We took two weeks off at the OC inWheatridge.  I was glad to see that Iwas not forgotten after the holiday break.  Due to holiday photography my batteries were Kapoot and I forgot to change them.  Soooooo no pics this week.  But on to the winnings!!


Taking rounds 1 and 3 were Up In Smoke. They were smokin hot to win.  Round 2 went to Changes We Have to Believe in.  Due to a miscalculation on my part I awarded Up In Smoke first on the night and Ski Butt Second on the night.  HOWEVER……Changes We Have to Believe in actually had one more point than Smoke sooooo I owe them beer and more.  Maybe I need a calculator for this….

Always there in good spirits were Morbid Peanut.  They want to compete for the most pictures in the Blog section.  Funny thing is it was trying to take their pic that I realized my batteries were dead.

Drawn for me by a Morbid Peanut team member

Drawn for me by a Morbid Peanut team member

NASA Throws like a girl had a good run of the night and always have witty team names.

Willie was a little bit late showing up but feel pretty sure that they will be back.

Team X overslept???? They were only there this week for round 3

Triple Threat I think were still on holiday vacation as this was not one of their stroger weeks. Butt I feel confident they will be back in full form next week.

Reminder that at OC Wheatridge starting on Saturday the 10th they will have Kareoke starting fron 10pm-1am.

And of course I will see everyone next week.



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