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Marci Visits Jay’s January 2, 2009

Posted by buzzwordz in Buzzwordz Trivia, Denver, CO.

The regular host had some extravagant New Year’s Eve plans so I filled in for her.  I had never been to Jay’s Grille and Bar but it was a pretty fun place.

From what I gathered, all of the players this week were new to the game.  And hopefully I have convinced them to come back and see Lauren next week.

this was right after the girl on the right almost had a fry in her nose

this was right after the girl on the right almost had a fry in her nose

Team T&A won all three rounds and the game.  They were new to the game, but they need to come back to use their gift certificate.  I inspected their phones to make sure they weren’t cheating, so hopefully they don’t come back with new a new Blackberry.

Second place went to a group that knew everybody in the bar.  That’s cause they are Regulars.  One of the guys told me that he tried to play the first night of trivia, but that he fell asleep on the bar.  Sorry I don’t have a picture of you guys, but you spent a lot of time out on the patio.

We had lots of other teams that played but didn’t stay the whole night because they had other plans.

Sullen was actually with me, so I’m not sure the team will be returning next week.  Even my friend aren’t allowed to cheat, but are encouraged to play!

12-31-08-010They complained about the hockey questions and then left after the first round to see the bright lights of downtown Denver.  Game Cocks were out to celebrate the changing of times.

12-31-08-013NashVegaswas just in town until Tuesday.  He had a female companion with him that was a local, but she didn’t want to be all over the internet and my popular blog.

12-31-08-011They were celebrating a birthday, and they’re the #1 Bitches.  They played about one round and then headed out to the city.

I think it was a young couple and one of their moms.  Or maybe it was a mom and her two children.  Oh, I don’t know.  Calico played for a bit and then left before pictures were taken.

12-31-08-015Fabian and Miriamplayed for a little bit, but wanted more Hispanic questions.  Sorry guys, but thanks for playing.

Well that was my teams that played my last game of 2008.

See you around!




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